Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Trade:

  1. 10% GST applies to all prices quoted and invoiced.
  2. Our payment terms are 50% of quote is payable with confirmation, the remaining 50% is payable at the commencement of the exhibition. Amounts outstanding beyond the terms of this quotation may be liable to an interest charge of 18% per annum.
  3. Terms of settlement for this quotation are payment by direct deposit, payable upon receipt of invoice.
  4. Cancelation after confirmation of successful pitch or tender, but prior to commencement of build, will have a cancellation fee of the cost accrued from initial commencement of brief to cancelation point. This will cover all outgoing costs of the job up until the point of cancelation from Cre8’s side, including project management and design costs.
  5. Once quotation has been approved and work has commenced, the cancellation fee schedule is as follows:
    • Cancel 8 week out/ prior to sign off – cost of time and resources for design, Project Management, and administration.
    • Cancel 6 weeks out – 50% of invoice (excluding site services and graphics).
    • Cancel 4 weeks out – 75% of invoice (excluding site services and graphics).
    • Cancel 2 weeks out/ prior graphic approvals – 100% invoice (excluding site services and graphics).
    • Cancel after graphics approval – 100% invoice (excluding site services).
    • Cancel 1 week prior – Full invoice charge.
    • Should the event be postponed, and you are an existing customer, we will honour the amount for work carried out as a credit for the future event. However, if you decide not to participate in the show or in the event that the show is cancelled indefinitely with no prospect of a new show date, no credit will be acknowledged.
    • Depending on your event, stand requirements and how close we are to your event date, there may be an outstanding amount that will need to be paid outside of the credit for your future event. This outstanding amount will need to cover any fees occurred with work that has already been completed and cannot be credited due to these tasks needing to reoccur for your event, such as labour, transport, administration, and logistics. All efforts will be made to ensure a full credit and no additional costs; however, costs outlaid that need to be rebooked and rearranged need to be covered as well as any major cost fluctuations in resources required for your event.
    • In the unlikely event that boarders are closed during an event including during bump in and out processes resulting in stand components or personnel being stuck in a foreign state, allowances will need to be made from the client’s side to cover any outgoing costs. This cost will be for suppliers only, in the very unlikely event we need to outsource suppliers from outside your events state. This will be a case by case bases and every effort will be made to ensure this does not happen. We will utilise local labour and suppliers at all feasible times to ensure no potential additional costs will be occurred to you as the client.
  6. Cre8 Exhibits and Events does not accept any responsibility or liability for trade events, trade shows or any other events not explicitly arranged by Cre8 Exhibits that are cancelled by third party event organisers. Any other cancellation arrangements will be at Cre8 exhibit and Events discretion and will need to be provide to the client in writing with the arrangement approval from Cre8 Exhibits and Events Managing Directors.
  7. It is a requirement that a representative from your company will be on site at the handover of the exhibition stand and thereafter will assume responsibility for your exhibition stand.
  8. Cre8 Exhibits and Events accepts no responsibility for company or personal property for the duration of the exhibition. Any damage to hire goods will be charged upon refurbishment or replacement of damaged goods.
  9. Cre8 Exhibits and Events have Public Liability insurance cover for all exhibition venues in Australia & New Zealand. The Exhibitor will maintain at its own expense all appropriate policies of insurance:
    • For theft and damage to the equipment hired in an amount not less than the full replacement cost of the equipment.
    • For liability, property, and casualty insurance coverage in amounts necessary to fully protect the owner and its equipment against all claims, loss, or damage whatsoever.
  10. Cre8 Exhibits and Events and our client must adhere to all venue OH&S regulations and requirements during the installation and dismantling of the exhibition stand.
  11. Artwork must be submitted to Cre8 Exhibits and Events three weeks prior to exhibition. The artwork will only be accepted in Client Approved Print Ready format to the Cre8 Exhibits and Events specifications available.
  12. Cre8 Exhibits and Events will complete the project within appropriate deadlines, provided the following stipulations are met by the client:
    • The cut-off date is not exceeded for initial payment as per our payment terms.
    • Requests for changes to the design and or specifications by the client are within the deadlines specified by Cre8 Exhibits and Events.
    • We receive information supplied by the client such as product details, artwork, signage details, plans and other necessary documentation within the deadlines we specify. Delay in the supply of these items could hold up production and create a situation where we cannot guarantee the completion of the project on time in which case Cre8 Exhibits and Events will not be held responsible.
  13. Audio Visual Content: The client is responsible for providing all audio-visual content. This includes videos, touchscreen content, applications for tablets and any other company content required. All audio-visual content must be received three weeks prior to the event to ensure it can be loaded and tested. The client will be responsible for testing any content received after the three-week cut-off to ensure the content is usable.
  14. All build items at the end of the event will be disposed of, unless specified with a written agreement confirming storage delivery or collection.
  15. Any foreign payments need to go through our foreign currency brokerage company, Collinson Forex Ltd. Details will be provided upon acceptance of quote.
  16. Package Exclusion: · Stand cleaning during exhibition · Delivery, storage & set up of any products or promotional materials · Plasma screens, speakers, computers, laptops unless otherwise specified · Extra power other than specified · Catering other than specified Acceptance of our quotation is understood to be acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.