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The Importance Of Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands can be uniquely rewarding and beneficial for businesses at all levels and spanning all sectors. It's a great chance where potential customers are able to see, hear, touch, and experience your product or service. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your product or service to so many potential customers in such an effective environment. Did you know that nine out of ten visitors to exhibitions have an influence on the buying decision of their company or organization? Anyways, try to remember that planning represents the key factor in determining how things will go down on the day. So, there’s really no such thing as being over-prepared.  On the other hand, being under-prepared is almost guaranteed to seal your fate. Stay tuned as we will be explaining why exhibitions are the ideal place to launch your products or services.

Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions are a powerful marketing tool. Exhibition stands are a section of an exhibition where your company shows its products or information about its products. The first impressions really do count, especially when it comes to attracting exhibition traffic. It is very important for a company to offer a superior product or service. But when it comes to expo displays, this is not enough. If you have little or no visual appeal, potential customers could steer you away from you into the hands of your competitors. Space restrictions together with a large number of exhibitors, can limit your visual impact and make it difficult for you to get noticed. That's why it is very important to work a little harder on designing a distinctive exhibition stand. Not only will this make your business stand out, but will also create a strong impression.

Why are exhibitions important?

Exhibition displays are able to draw big crowds. They create an exciting atmosphere that can encourage sales, or at the very least, conversation.

You are able to represent your brand

Exhibition stands are not just about catching the eye. They are also about informing someone quickly and clearly what your company is all about. You will do more than just list what you do. It's where you can portray your core values quickly and efficiently. This is very important. The stand must communicate your message to anyone who glances at it. This is the first component of quality exhibition stands.

PR opportunity

Exhibitions can help a business cultivate a positive reputation with the public through unpaid communications and in-person engagements. That's why you should see trade fairs and exhibitions as a big investment. Attending one will save you the hard work (and cost!) of contacting all those potential customers yourself. The targeted nature of niche trade shows and exhibition audiences is one reason that it still often reaps greater results than any other form of marketing.

Generates Interest In Your Products

For sure, you’ll be exposed to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of potential customers. Here's where you get the opportunity to make them stop and engage. Well, of course, you'll have to offer some form of incentive to draw them in. Some expo promotional stands can even include meeting areas, refreshment areas, and interactive technology. These features can help in getting someone to stop and engage with you. They give you the chance to build a strong initial relationship that you can nurture into a sale further. Also, you can offer people the opportunity to try a few of your products. That's easy if you offer an easily transportable product. Otherwise, if your service is digital, get a few computers set up for people to have a go online. Remember that people always prefer to try before they buy. This gives them a chance to check the quality, durability, and ultimately the usefulness of the product. This is the reason why you have to think about the experience from the customer’s point of view when planning the stand.

Building face-to-face relationships

This is an important part of business, and exhibition stands to provide an ideal opportunity to do so. We are humans and we like meeting people, even the ones that we do business with. This way we can build up trust and develop relationships. Exhibitions can create the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your company and your business ideas to many different people. Sometimes you are able to get what you may never have thought of reaching out to before.

Show your uniqueness

You are able to make clear why people should choose you over your competitors. In exhibitions, you might have a direct competitor no more than a few stands away. It's important to make sure your stand design and your pitch emphasize without a doubt what makes you unique. Emphasize why and how you can do something that no one else can replicate. Try to be clear and incorporated into the design of the stand.

You are able to learn too

Do not focus only on the promotion and selling of your products or services. An exhibition offers you great opportunities to learn. For example, you can check out the competition and see who else is doing what you’re doing. A lot of exhibitions also offer relevant seminars. Go ahead and see what you can learn to help inform your business.

Lighting is very important too

Lighting plays a key role in the design of exhibition stands as it enhances the aesthetic appeal. If lights are used correctly they are able to create different moods and ambiance depending on the desired outcome. Work with additional lighting and don’t rely only on what’s supplied by the venue. If you want to highlight certain areas within your exhibition stands using spotlights, up lights and colored lights would be a great way. This is also a clever way to create a unique feel to your exhibition stands. What's more, did you know that you can subconsciously entice attendees into your stand by using angled lightboxes at the entrance? It's going to draw them in. Lastly, lights help to create a complete atmosphere within your exhibition stands. It would be a great choice to combine lights, textures, color, layout, and even scent. By stimulating the senses of your prospects you will attract more attention. This way you will stand out against your competition.

Fully utilize the space you’ve been allocated

It's true that booth size can be restrictive. So you should fully utilize the space you’ve been allocated. Try to make sure to confirm dimensions with the organizers. This helps the planning process as you know exactly what you have to work with. Did you know you can improve the flow of your display area? Try to ensure there are no physical obstructions or barriers to entering. Also, you will have to keep meeting areas to the back of your stand.

Less text is better

When it comes to text on exhibition stands, less is more. It's important to avoid using long sentences. Single words can convey the same message. Keep in mind that no one will not stop reading lengthy copies. If you add lists of product information, then, for sure, very few people will pay attention to it. So, try to use a slogan instead. This way people will remember it after the event on your signs. Use a font that is clear and big enough to be seen from a distance. Did you know that location of the text is also important? So place your text on the top half of your exhibition stands so that it is not blocked by people in your display area. Keep in mind that action verbs can work particularly well. Often booth size can be restrictive so it’s important to fully utilize the space you’ve been allocated. Make sure to confirm dimensions with the organizers so you know exactly what you have to work with. Improve the flow of your display area by ensuring there are no physical obstructions or barriers on entering, and try to keep meeting areas to the back of your stand.


Before you start designing your promotional stand, it is very important to set goals. Try to ask yourself about what you want to achieve and the message you want to get across with your exhibition stands. It's not just about a great-looking stand. It has to convey your company’s values or clearly express your product or service capabilities. You should keep goals in mind throughout the design process and you won’t lose your way. Also, try to check if there’s a maximum stand height. Work on maximizing visibility by incorporating high signage suspended props, or incorporate a tower with a rotating sign. You'll be able to catch attendees’ eyes from the moment they enter the exhibition and then attract them to your stand. Furthermore, try to experiment with materials. Making the right choice will reinforce your image. As a result, you will create a stand design that will attract your target market. For example, smooth, plastic molding would be a great way to create a modern, clean feel. Therefore, this would be a great option for those in the pharmaceutical or medical industry.

In Conclusion

We do not recommend you to attend exhibitions without properly considering any of the above. This is the way to be successful. Not considering what we mentioned means that you'll come back with few or no leads. It is very important for you to invest in your stand.  Keep in mind that the cheap option doesn’t deliver anywhere near the sort of results you should be aiming for. Don’t forget that a stand is a reusable one-off purchase so it makes sense to invest, as a good quality stand with a flexible design can last you many years. So, if you’re in the market for effective exhibition stands, get in contact with Cre8 Exhibits and see what we could offer you and your company. GET IN TOUCH!

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