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Creative Trade Show Display Ideas

We all know that creativity is key at exhibitions. Be it any form of marketing, creativity is very important. If you want your brand to be remembered in the market try to think out of the box and do things that are norm-breaking. Are you planning out for your next show? We are here to help you. In this article, you will find some of the most creative trade show display ideas that will make your brand be noticed.

Why is creativity so important for your trade show display?

Creativity can help you in elevating your presentation and give an angle of curiosity to the visitors. Creative exhibition booth designs can also help visitors to interact with your products and services making them more appealing to them. It has the power to offer great branding opportunities in a crowded exhibition fair.

A creative trade show display will give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity

Trade shows are a great chance for you to give some great inputs and make your display the center of the show. Are you finding yourself somewhat lacking in this department? Remember that you can always hire a talented team to get the job done. For example, Cre8 exhibition booth designers and stand builders will give you some creative ideas for your trade show display. Are you finding yourself on a tight budget? Luckily there are a million options for you as well. You don't have to spend too much on a custom stand. Go for exhibition stand rental instead. There are a lot of companies able to offer some great rental packages with good designs and budget-friendly options.

Creative Trade Show Display Ideas

Show-stopping stands

Did you know that you can draw in huge crowds with a little creative flair? You have to think laterally to maximize the potential of every corner of your stand. Don't take this literally. An exhibit with information and media squeezed into every square inch is not a good look. Instead, try to keep your stall clean and eye-catching, with a clear message. Remember that your graphics should be crisp and communicative, with high-quality imagery and text. Do not cramp information onto all four walls. Try to be inventive. Maybe you could display imagery or interactive elements on the floors and ceilings to catch the eye of passers-by?

Remember: Floor Space has real potential

People spend a lot of time looking down at their phones, so floor space has real potential! Be it signposts, floor decals, or unique lighting, think outside the box. Don't forget these three rules for your stand artwork:
  • Key artwork or messaging should not be below knee height.
  • Try not to use all uppercase copies (except company names and logos). People can’t process capital letters as fast as lowercase.
  • You don’t want messaging or artwork obscured by furniture or behind a wall-mounted TV. Therefore, we recommend you do your design work after you’ve planned your space.

The creative cinch

To really pique the interest of the potential customer, creativity cannot be compromised. You can use unusual audiovisual elements. They will truly enrich your brand presence and make your stand memorable. However, only enlist this when relevant. Keep in mind that discerning clients can tell the difference between substance and facade! In fact, there are myriad ways to make your stand as unique as your brand itself. Start by selecting quirky furniture. Then you could try to infuse the clothing of your staff with your brand message. Or even just offering a great cup of coffee. Your stand is an extension of everything that makes your brand so special. Make it count!

Lighting has to be true to your brand identity

Try to create an eye-catching exhibition stand that shows your brand in the right light. Lighting has the power to appeal directly to the human spirit or sensibility. It can be a powerful exhibition ally if you think creatively. As mentioned before, getting noticed is the first stage of the sales funnel. Therefore creating a point of difference around your lighting design can help draw those all-important eyeballs.

Be creative and make lighting a powerful exhibition ally

You don’t just want to be seen. You want to be seen in the right way. For example, strobe lights might be a good idea. However, think about what do they say about you? If you’re an edgy, modern, eclectic brand, that might work well. On the other hand, if you’re a traditional, luxury, heritage-over-cutting-edge type company then soft, warm lighting is likely more appropriate. By using light creatively not only will you attract more visitors to your stand, but you will also be able to send those visitors the right sort of message about it. By doing so, your story will resonate with them. You will get more visitors and more leads, who are more likely to convert into customers

Interactive interfaces to encourage engagement

We recommend you use interactive elements to be able to co-create a user experience your visitors invest in. Interactive technology can help you attract – and keep – attention. We are talking here about things like motion-sensitive technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, and touchscreens. Did you know that anything visitors can interact with gives them ownership and helps co-create their experience? For example, a real estate brand can create a virtual reality tour of its properties. Then your visitors will be able to choose the route they take. This is how you create an emotional connection with them. You will be able to drive emotional engagement. Remember, the visitors who emotionally invest in your brand are visitors who are most likely to invest money when they become a loyal customers.

Make your visitors feel part of your brand

You can play on-brand games to attract, engage and convert more visitors. We recommend you incorporate experiential marketing into your next exhibition. Get creative by developing a game that attracts and engages visitors, so they willingly invest time in your stand. A bespoke game that links to your brand story – think for example BA flight simulator, not Candy Crush (unless you sell candy, perhaps) – so visitors aren’t just engaged with the game but they’re engaged with you. This is the one step to turning emotional investment into monetary investment.

Get attention and keep it

You want to get visitors to stop, stare and remember with a visually arresting display. It’s true that a visually arresting display will get visitors to stop and pay attention. Things that stand out in an environment may receive more attention, and so be more easily recalled. This matters because when you get people to pay more attention to your exhibition stand, you pull more visitors through the sales funnel. Also, when these people have a better recollection, you increase conversion rates because visitors remember your brand - meaning they’re more likely to buy from you, rather than competitors.

How to create a visually arresting stand?

Brightness, movement, and complexity are the factors most able to generate attention. Using bright colors, moving items, and complex formats you will appear the most noticeable. We recommend you incorporate these into your stand design to be able to catch the eye of visitors and increase brand recollection post-exhibition. Don't forget, you need a balance here though. Of course, you want a creative, visually arresting display – but you don’t want bright for the sake of bright. Therefore, think carefully about the psychology behind your color choices, especially if outside your normal branding.

Don't forget, your exhibition stand design should be unique

Let’s take a look at how a uniquely designed exhibition stand can benefit your business.

A unique stand design showcases your individuality

If you want to get noticed and recognized you need to embrace your individuality and showcase the same to the world. A creative exhibition stand design will reflect your uniqueness and incomparable status. We don't recommend you to look and act the same as the rest of the market players. That's because potential customers will never know why you’re a better choice and if you’re doing anything differently. You have to stand out if you want to be in a better position to attract attendees’ attention.

Uniqueness grabs greater attention

We all know that the most successful method to attract attendees’ attention at a trade show is through an eye-catching exhibition stand design. Using giveaways, social media, and on-booth competitions helps a lot too. For sure, it’s vital for you to maintain successful customer relations and establish new ones. To achieve this goal, you need to differentiate yourself from the rest. A good exhibition stand design is the first and the most crucial factor that will play a role in helping you stand out from the crowd.

You will be able to make a positive first impression of your brand

Trade show attendees are attracted to the most interesting-looking stand which makes them curious to find out more about the company or brand. Looking at the unique and innovative exhibition stand design, they assume that the company must be doing well, and the products being offered will be equally innovative. In an uninspiring booth, the visitors will walk past you without even noticing what you have to offer. A well-designed exhibition stand helps you build a strong first impression even before you indulge in any kind of business with your potential customers.

Managing to generate more business leads

This is the main goal for every company that participates in a trade show. The more you invest in creating a unique exhibition stand, the better your chances will be of securing more business leads. You will also be able to expand your business relationships. It’s very easy to see that a creative and unique exhibition stand design offers several advantages to your company. From showcasing your brand to attracting a greater number of visitors, it’s a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

To sum it up, remember the following things:

  • Work on being memorable by designing a creative trade show display with the WOW! factor.
  • Positive and meaningful interactions help to create engagement.
  • Remember that people buy with emotion, rarely with logic.
  • It's important to find ways to make your stand fun so that it’s not associated with ‘work’.

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