22 November, 2022 | By Baeu Medina

Corporate Events: Types and Benefits of Holding One

Corporate events are definitely one good way to keep a company’s name in front of clients.

The purpose of corporate events is often to launch a new product or service or improve brand attraction. But it is not uncommon for companies to organize corporate events to upskill or to celebrate achievements and motivate their staff. Creating such events can help businesses to meet with stakeholders and clients. They can expand their network, and largely improve the company’s satisfaction. And events are also good for sales. A growth rate of 11.2% CAGR is foreseen for the events industry from 2021 to 2028.

When a company should think to hold events

As a company, you may have various reasons to host an event. You may want to hold an event for marketing purposes to highlight your company’s image and spread brand awareness. Or you may launch a brand-new product or service and increase sales. Instead, you may plan to organize corporate events for training and upskilling. Also, you can celebrate achievements and motivate your staff. When to host an event really depends on your corporate strategy.

However, we provide you with a list of purposes for when a company might consider hosting an event.

Promotion and marketing

One of the main reasons why you would consider hosting or taking part in a corporate event is, of course, for marketing. Corporate events are perfect occasions for promoting your company’s brand and raising awareness. During these events, the company presents its activities and shows its achievements and core values. Promoting your company in exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, and showrooms is what differentiates companies and elevates brands to higher popularity. While attending corporate events, it is indispensable to show your professionalism and efficiency. Therefore, you may consider hiring an events management company to shine on these occasions.

Product or service launching

Launching a new product or service is also one key driver for hosting a corporate event. Product launching events are grand events planned for the sole purpose of informing existing clients and attiring new ones. In these events, media is also invited and is a core feature. Product launching events offer chances for clients and media to get in touch with the company and get a closer look at the product. Typically, these events are organized like parties. They can offer various entertainment and fun. If you’re looking for such events, have a look at our services.

Training and upskilling the staff

Training and upskilling the staff is crucial for the development and productivity of the company. Offering regular training courses to your teams can add more value to your company and foster efficiency. Companies may consider organizing separate and small sessions of indoor training within the company. Some of them even host larger meeting events in various outdoor settings, depending on the size of the event. They hire events management companies to organize it for them. Sometimes, organizing events that involve a large number of people can be challenging, and you surely don’t want to lose time in these kinds of organizations.


Celebratory events are a common practice for companies. Typically, celebratory corporate events are considered New Year parties, Christmas parties, or even smaller parties hosted by one department only. Of course, the size and type of the business establish the size and forms of the celebration events. Some of these events might be private, including only company employees and representatives. Others are organized like parties and grand events, and they invite media and celebrities to help them endorse the achievements of the company. These kinds of events are typically planned for social purposes. They serve to gather clients or employees in celebratory circumstances, other than the usual company settings. Celebratory events are very important for building a strong connection with clients or employees. Every company should consider hosting them.

Achievements and motivation

Hosting an event to celebrate your business’s achievements is very rewarding. It can increase the spirit and optimism of your staff. This surely pays off in productivity and makes your company a kind place to work for. These kinds of events are different from celebrative parties because they are concerned about business. They are less serious and stressful than the everyday meetings and offer employees a chance to celebrate the hard work and team efforts. On these occasions, employees bond even more with their colleagues. They expand their relations with colleagues of other teams or leaders of the company. Therefore, it is beneficial for your company to consider hosting periodically these kinds of events.

Board and shareholder meetings

Board and shareholder meetings are, of course, common practice for companies. They serve the purpose of informing the board and shareholders on the company’s business performance and development. These meetings are usually held periodically, depending on the company schedules. They are hosted in meeting rooms within the company or in outdoor prestigious places. Of course, depending on your company, if you are a small or a large company, these events can be organized, including catering or even product presentations.

What are the different types of events:

After you have identified the purpose and objectives of your initiative, you may think of what kind of corporate event you could attend or host. Corporate events are not the same and either you attend an event or you host one, you need to plan it. The events marketing strategy is very much related to the type of event you are going to attend or host. Attending a corporate event requires a programmed strategy of presenting your company and products. Organizing in advance your company stand or showroom in trade shows or exhibitions is imperative for the successful presentation of your company and brand. While, as we mentioned above, hosting an event requires identifying the form in which it will be hosted. Some forms of events are usually for some industries, while others may differ in the form of your business.

We provide here a list of the 7 most common types of corporate events.


 If your company strategy is to hold an event for marketing purposes and your objective is to improve the company’s image or to launch a new product or service, you may want to consider an exhibition. Exhibitions are an excellent opportunity for companies to display their products and services to a larger audience. Typically, exhibitions are fairs organized by business associations or local events. This can guarantee a diverse and new audience that can lead to new clients. Exhibitions are held in large spaces, such as local arenas or hotels. Exhibition display stands can manifest your products and your brand. They can attract the consumer’s interest and attention with professional presentations. Your marketing team can run the marketing exhibition. Also you can hire professional expo organisers or event management organisations to handle it.


Conferences refer to grand meetings and important events organized by a business association or a group of companies of the same industry. Their purpose is to discuss a topic and can commonly have a large audience. The main goal of a conference is to transmit information and share relevant opinions on a certain topic or common issue that businesses may have related to their industry. Attending a conference, or being part of the hosting group, is certainly a good way to promote your brand. You can showcase the values and achievements of your company and see how you stand out from your competitors. But also come together for the development of your industry. That may be advantageous for your business as well.


 Generally, a roadshow is a series of events that take place in multiple locations. They may be hosted by one or more companies. They last from one day to several days, depending on the activities planned by the organizers. The purpose of roadshows is to showcase the products of companies in different locations. During these events, celebrities can be hired to introduce brand-new products and give extended information on the user experience and values of the products. 

Roadshows are great for marketing and sales. Yes, of course, you can make sales as well during these events. Typically, clients are particularly interested in buying products that are popular, newly released or yet to be launched in the market and being tested in front of their eyes. One other feature of roadshow events is that you do not only promote your products and expand your client zone, but you can also have the chance to search for companies to do business with. In fact, moving to different locations can increase the chances for growing your network and reaching out to new suppliers.


For some industries, showroom events are indispensable to host. Take the example of the automotive industry. Of course, if you are in the automotive business or fashion and luxury industry, it is rather rewarding for you to organise indoor or outdoor showrooms to showcase your products. You may also attend grand events and trade conferences. You can even hire a place, typically in shopping malls or exhibition places, where you can organise your showrooms and increase the chances to expose your models. Showroom events are all about marketing and highlighting the image of a brand or company.  


When it comes to organising an event, surely the quality of the service is what makes it stand out and shows how professional you are. What really makes a difference is to plan and organise professional company point of sales. It may seem obvious, but in most cases point of sales displays are essential in an event. They can really decide your company’s successful marketing. For this reason, you may want to hire a creative agency to design you a professional and visually attractive point of sale. That can make your brand memorable and shine upon your competitors. 

A well-designed POS can display a wide range of product types and can be used to launch a brand-new product into the market. Promoting your products during your events can surely increase your ROI and boost your marketing efforts. We, in Cre8, have been doing POS design in Australia for many years. We have gained valuable experience working with major brands and all leading retailers to guarantee innovative ways that can be explored through creating interactive displays. These interactive displays enable video, sound or even motion to give our customers an incredible first-hand experience with their products. And this is one of the main benefits of working with a design agency that can create customized designs for you.


No matter the size or the industry, all companies share the same marketing efforts focused on forming a top-notch brand activation. Simply put, brand activation is the process of connecting clients to your brand when they come into contact with your products. Of course, this process is somehow automatic when you perform any kind of promotion. But brand activation is not simply promotion. When you take a closer look at your brand, you will understand that your brand needs some sort of ‘activation’ in the market. Clients do not automatically consider your product as a brand without associating it with some sort of experience. And they need a push to relate your products to that experience. 

The first step in achieving brand activation is to increase the number of channels through which consumers can learn about your brand. This is the main reason why you should always consider increasing your brand’s overall awareness and engagement by choosing to take part in events and planning to host one. Putting your brand in front of your clients and comparing it to other competitors in trade exhibitions, conferences, showrooms, POS, etc, is not simply a form of rising brand awareness. It also elevates your company’s position and brand in the market.

How to hire the right company for you

If you are a business and you want to host an event, you certainly want it to be organized well. For this reason, a corporate event organizer usually hires an event management company to handle the event. An event management company can be any events agency or events company that is specialized in events hosting and can guarantee the successful management of the event. While event planners can be several, they may differ in the type of the event they are specialized for.

That’s why you need to know how to hire the right company for you. Some events management companies might focus more on marketing events, while others might specialize in conferences or social gatherings and celebrations. But there are also events management companies that are exclusively dedicated to corporate events. They already have clear plans on how to handle everything for you and ensure the quality of your event. Therefore, when choosing your event company, look first at the profile shown by the company and their experience in hosting events. To get an idea, have a look at our events management services in Sydney.

If you want to know more about what to consider before hiring an event management agency to host your events, check out our article.


Of course, when it comes to corporate events, there are a lot of activities and purposes why you may want to host one. Events are a great marketing tool and can also serve other purposes, such as meetings, celebrations and other types of gatherings that we mentioned in this article. Planning your events is an important activity that requires you to think of when you should host an event and what type of event you want to organise. The form, the objective and the type of audience are also very important to decide before you start organising the event. When you have decided when and what type of event you want to host, then you have to think of where to host it and whether you want to hire an events management company to take care of it.

At Cre8, we are a creative agency specialised in brand communication and we deliver a large array of professional custom-made services focused on event management, such as exhibitions, roadshows, conferences, product launches, showrooms, etc. Our goal is to support companies with all the best planning services and spaces needed for your events to excel.

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