18 April, 2022 | By Baeu Medina

An Exhibition Stand Design That Can Boost Your Sales

Exhibitions provide the brand with much-needed exposure to the market to attract prospective customers and provide a platform to interact with a broader audience. They are a great way for brands to make significant profits.  A good exhibition stand design might add to your company's recognition, create a chance to introduce new products or services, and form lasting bonds with your target. However, you’re just one drop in an ocean of businesses awaiting a visitor. So, how can you create an exhibition stand design to get potential clients off the aisle and talk to you? Like any other industry, the exhibition industry is always changing with rising demand for new ideas and fresher concepts. It is very important to distinguish between ideas that will waste your time and money and those that will make you stand out. In this article, we will provide a few design ideas for an impressive stand that will add your brand personality and stand out among competitors in the sector.

What makes a successful exhibition stand design?

For a successful exhibition, you first need to identify your goals and expectations. Ask yourself, what are you exhibiting for? What are you trying to say or do through your exhibition? By answering these questions, you can determine some goals you’d like to aim for. Try to focus on variables to measure, such as: attendance count, social media mentions/connections, return on investment, number of contacts created and conversions (the number of prospects turned into customers).

Location is key

When choosing a venue, we recommend you to pick a place that’s appropriate for the event. Here's what to consider: space size and square footage, fire exits, disabled access, free Wi-Fi to improve the guest experience, decoration, location as well as local parking options. When setting up a space within a predetermined event, there are separate issues you need to consider. First think about how much space you’re allocated for your display. This one is very important as it will directly determine the size of your floorplans and any stands, podiums, tensionpix, flooring, lightboxes or any other exhibition-relevant display items. We recommend you to contact the venue owners and the organisation putting on the event. Ask about the space you’ve been allocated or whether you can request a specific spot. Also, try to provide any pictures of the event space which you can use as reference points to design your floor plan and display.

Researching your competitors is a good idea

Do you want to refine your strategy so that you can truly make an impact? We recommend you to see if there are any organizations that offer similar products and services. This research will give you a good chance to plan and anticipate, making sure it’s your display that grabs the attention of attendees. It’s also a good chance to start networking with other businesses. When doing your research consider these questions:
  • What are the products and services that the competitors will display?
  • How have they exhibited their work in the past?
  • Have the competitors used any specific marketing techniques to draw crowds?
  • Have they ever used any interactive technology such as tablets or projection mapping?

Our tips for creating an impact with your exhibtion stand design

1. Choose a reliable exhibition stand builder

Have you ever taken part in the creative process of designing a trade show stand? Then you know how challenging it can be. However, it's worth it because it can be very rewarding. We must note that even the seasoned exhibitors try to outshine the competition by coming up with creative and enticing exhibition stall concepts to stand out. Remember that the perfect presentation booth does not allow for any errors. This is why you should choose stand builders with a lot of expertise.  Professional stand builders will make sure that the installation of the exposition booth is well-coordinated, accurate, and done within the allotted period. What's more, choosing the best stand builders saves you the investment of sourcing everything you need for your exhibition booth all by yourself. 

2. It's very important to reflect clearly your corporate brand image

Did you know that consistent brand identity gives people confidence and helps form stronger relationships?  Having a brand identity is a must. If your business doesn’t already have one, work with a professional design team to help you create it. This is as important as the products you’re promoting and selling. Your brand identity is the face of your business. It will help you gain customer loyalty. By having a strong brand image exhibition visitors will find it easier to recognize you. When creating an exhibition stand design, it's very important to consider your trade show objectives and messages you want to convey. Do you just want to gain brand awareness and let everyone know your core values? You can do it by using consistent brand colors, your logo & graphics and good structural stand layout. Otherwise, if you’re launching a new product, your stand must showcase your new products or services. It's worth noting that product launches and demonstrations attract more visitors. Therefore make sure your stand tells everyone that something exciting is happening.

3. Visually stunning graphics

As eye catching exhibition stand design needs bold graphics, images you use should always showcase your latest products and services. This way attendees will know what you have to offer. Keep in mind that your stand shouldn’t look too busy and confusing for visitors. It’s also not good if your stand is uninteresting, bare and does not say much about your company. Do you want to make a lasting impression? Then you have to make sure your stand reflects your brand and you use stunning, high quality images. Exposure is one of the primary purposes of an exhibition stand. Try to employ sizable graphics with bold lettering and elevated printing format.  You can hire stand designers to create 3D design layouts. This way you can get an idea of how your stand will look. Captivating, innovative, and distinctive graphics produce eye-catching designs. They have the power to set you stand apart from others and make it easier for visitors to find you.

4. Including a lounge area with freebies

As we all know, exhibition attendees wander from one display to the next throughout the day. It's an exhausting process, because, as mentioned, they must walk the entire time. As a result, people are more inclined to stick to booths with some sitting options. Therefore, we recommend you to try to provide lounge seating for your visitors. This way you will be able to keep them longer at your stand. They will also be more responsive to any presentation or display provided by your team. If you provide comfortable seating with a laptop or mobile charging station, a snack, or a delicious drink visitors will spend even more time in your booth. What's more, you can implement creative and fun approaches to entertain your visitors. Be creative and invent an activity such as a game that your visitors can play while they are at your stand. You can make it even more interesting by putting up a scoreboard to encourage your stand visitors to compete among themselves.

5. Engagement is key

Try to use different games and competitions to get chatting to visitors in a fun and informal way. Everyone loves a competition. For example, you could try a wheel of fortune prize. It is super eye-catching and popular with attendees. Fortune prizes are great at engaging visitors, getting them to start a conversation and talking about your business. The greatest thing about this game is that everyone is a winner. In this game you can offer larger prizes with a mix of small and medium prizes. You can also purchase a physical spinning prize wheel or you can create a virtual one!

Be social and have fun

Your social media should not be forgotten while you’re at the event itself. We recommend you to create a hashtag and keep tagging other people at the event. You'll  need someone from your team on social media watch for the day to connect with other people posting about the event. Another way to engage with your visitors is to encourage them to take a branded snapshot on your stand with the use of selfie frames. Grab attention and keep people with you for a little longer in a low budget way. Also, you will be able to ensure a new social connection in a quick and easy way. Try using a range of different props for a photo booth including cardboard cut outs and photo props.

To conclude

As mentioned before, creating an amazing exhibition display is the perfect way of promoting your business, service or products. It can take a lot of effort. Therefore the best way to get the most out of your ideas is to work with a dedicated event specialist. What's more, we recommend you to try to aim for individuality within your display. Work on developing a theme that fits with your branding and identify. Also, remember that your logo, taglines and slogans need to be large to create a lot of impact. To ensure exhibition success, you’re going to need a detailed guide curated by an event specialist. Luckily, we are here to help you.  Cre8 will assist you to capture your audience's attention. So, Let's get in touch!

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