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New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Exhibition Stands in Australia

The Brief

New Zealand government body engaged Cre8 to design and coordinate a combination of New Zealand exhibitors within one large exhibition space, 12m x 6m. The project includes the management of six different exhibitors to promote the growth of small businesses at a leading industry tradeshow.

Key Challenge

Managing one exhibitor and their expectations is one thing. However, managing six different exhibitors and their expectations is a whole new challenge. Ensuring communication was clear, and all parties were on the same page

The Outcome

Open communication was vital for this event. Any of the exhibitors were free to contact Cre8 at any time. Cre8 also highlighted the features and resources allocated to each exhibitor, so they knew from the very beginning their constraints, flexibility and requirements within their assigned area within the space.

Utilising two project managers to oversee the entire process also helped to support this open communication concept. By doing so, all exhibitor’s voices were heard and actioned.

  • Client

    New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Show

    Pacific 2019

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