The Brief

Fujitsu engaged Cre8 to design a new concept store in Queensland, utilizing over 600 square meters of space to create a remarkable showroom. The project included the placement and installation of over 30 air conditioning units. Working closely with the Fujitsu head office and franchisee partner, Cre8 was responsible for all design layout, artwork, and styling to make the space come to life.

The Challenge

The key challenge with this project was the requirement to work closely with remote supply chains. Queensland is nearly 2000 kilometers from our head office in Sydney.

The Outcome

Before the project was signed off, Cre8 visited the showroom directly to ensure all information communicated between all stakeholders was 100% correct and factual. Sometimes the smallest item, such as a PowerPoint placement, can throw the project out and cause delays. The simple solution of going directly to the showroom, seeing the space, and making an in-depth design highlighting all points, windows, and any obstructions such as supporting pillars from the commencement of the project, ensures a smooth process from the very beginning.

Keeping in constant communication with suppliers, video calls, and progress reports helped finalize the project to the initial specifications, deadline, and budget. This ensured it was ready for the showroom launch.

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