The Brief

Cre8 was privileged to assist long-term client Novartis in creating a unique environment for their exhibition space at RANZCO 2018. RANZCO is an annual scientific congress that brings together ophthalmologists from across Australia and overseas to share and discuss the latest innovations, techniques, and advances in eye healthcare.

The Challenge

The task for Cre8 was to develop a 12x6m exhibition space that was not only engaging and unique but also incorporated Novartis’s new campaign launch ‘Why Take the Risk?’. The purpose of the campaign was to highlight the benefits of using a high-performing medicine over other inferior products that are on the market. The Cre8 team was tasked to highlight and showcase how their product has helped many patients utilizing an interactive and engaging platform. The brief essential was to evoke emotion through imagery and environment.

The Outcome

Cre8 took a different approach and designed an exhibition space that was atypical for medical conferences. This was done by producing natural, comfortable and semi-industrial environment for visitors to sit and relax, knowing medical congresses can often be quite clinical. As a result, the space was well-liked for its unique and inviting atmosphere. A sophisticated ambiance was created by utilizing natural wooden finishes and comfortable seating with custom designed ottomans and bar stools. We included warm, relaxed lighting with hanging vintage light bulbs installed at staggered heights. A slick modern finish for a corporate feel was incorporated also, as this is what visitors know and expect with the Novartis traditional branding.

For engagement, Cre8 came up with multiple ideas to incorporate creative catering utilizing their key syringe product. Some options included fresh mini doughnuts with syringe-filled toppings and delicious smoothies that were consumed directly out of large syringes.

The photos of this exhibition space really speak for themselves. The constant flow of visitors to the stand and the welcoming and inviting feel that was well-lauded was what ensured that Novartis was overly delighted with this event and the results.

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