Colgate Palmolive

The Brief

Cre8 was engaged to work alongside Colgate’s marketing company to design and manufacture an activation for the Good Food and Wine Show with approximately 180 square metres of space. This included the creation of four individually themed catering stations to produce an experimental experience for visitors, in line with the launch of Colgate’s new Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste.

The Challenge

To create an immersive, intriguing experience for visitors and highlight how the Colgate product can improve their day to day lives.

The Outcome

There are millions of people in this world. Each one with different and unique requirements. Colgate focused on a specific condition, sensitive teeth. Cre8 needed to highlight this uniqueness in its design and execution. This was achieved by highlighting the most common sensitive teeth trigger visitors from all walks of life experience.

An intriguing space was formed by blocking out all external boundaries and creating a single path from the main entrance. Small groups were then chauffeured from food station to food station that were designed to trigger sensitive teeth. This enabled the delegate to gain the full experience.

Cre8 brought together over 15 different suppliers to bring the whole experience together, with each section having a unique theme. This was a massive effort that paid off for our client and for visitors who enjoyed the space.

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