Sydney site activation, Woolworths Expo 2019, and Metcash Expo 2019
Coca-Cola Amatil

The Brief

To design and manufacture an exhibition stand that could be used at several different events and locations throughout the year, with the top priority being reusability and sustainability.

They also planned to launch seasonal and current campaigns at each event for in-store promotion, targeted to more than 6,000 attendees. Cre8 was responsible for logistics management of all stock and was named as an experiential public relations partner. Since then, we’ve been the preferred partner for Coca-Cola for eight years.

The Challenge

Each space and location had its requirements, with different campaigns, seasonal launches, and target markets to consider.

Installing, dismantling, reinstalling, and transporting a custom exhibition stand also have their own set of challenges with harsh wear and tear that need to be taken into consideration and addressed for each event.

The Outcome

Individual pieces that could be easily swapped out and reskinned with new marketing material for each event were created. Coordinating with the client and venue to ensure each location’s requirements were being met were also important. Cre8 fully comprehended the space allocation and specifications and set into place the necessary supply chain.

Local supply teams were utilized to receive and check all stock before directing it to the next location. This ensures all wear and tear challenges were addressed. Reskinning the pieces with new graphics also helped to ensure the items looked brand new from site to site.

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