RANZCO 2018, AVC 2019, and ICCLC 2019

The Brief

Alcon engaged Cre8 to design and construct a VR pod that will hold three augmented reality displays to be used at multiple events around Australia. Cre8 was also responsible for providing on-site AV support, including the management of 10 individual activations, over various locations throughout Australia.

The Challenge

To produce a seamless pod, the unit needed to be constructed using large pieces, which became quite cumbersome. Although the pod looked impressive, the large pieces required packaging and transport became challenging.

The Outcome

The VR pod was built in large pieces out of lightweight material and packed neatly into crates to ensure transport didn’t cause too much harm to the unit. Liaising with the venue was also fundamental in ensuring the appropriate equipment, including a forklift was available on-site for all activations. On the off chance, that a forklift was not accessible; Cre8 established a plan B in place.

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