Avalon Air Show 2017 and Avalon Air Show 2019
Air BP

The Brief

Air BP and Cre8 have worked alongside each other for the past five years. Air BP engages Cre8 to design and manage a grand bi-annual international air event called Avalon Air Show. The project includes designing and constructing a cohesive relaxing environment for the client, including catering for over 300 attendees per day.

The Challenge

The main challenge is the rural location of the event with limited access to facilities. Everything has to be brought in, floors, walls, marquees, and even the bathrooms. There is no room for error or accidentally leaving something behind.

The Outcome

Conducting this air event for over several years compelled Cre8 to put importance on early access. Commencing the bump in beforehand gives you additional time not only to set up but also for adequate time to act on something that doesn’t go according to plan. This is often the case for any event. An effective supply chain also helps to support a smooth installation with minimal disruptions.

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