What's Hot & What's Not In Custom Trade Show Displays

Is there anything more exciting than the floor of a trade show exhibit? You can feel the buzz coming off every vendor as well as trade show enthusiasts. So, when it's time to consider your exhibition stand design, it's worth every ounce of planning and care. 

Be the beacon of light amidst a crowded floor of fellow vendors. Brainstorm with your team about  lighting, bold graphics, interactive video, or an actual storefront. Below, you'll find five ideas for trade show displays that take the traditional modular display and morph it into an exhilarating, 3D ride. 

  1. Video

Trade show stands of the past used to have wonderful banners, placards, and pop-up displays. These are still staples of portable or modular display stands but, exhibit attendees now expect more and more. They are sick of seeing the same thing time in and time out, they want excitement and something different!

Having a simple TV on your exhibition stand playing a continual video, creates movement and therefore interest from the attendees. This is a simple and reasonably cost-effective solution. However, have you ever seen a built-in video wall? These are different and unique that make your attendees go WOW!

Good content here is also key! Having movement on your stand does create interest but having good content makes the attendees want to stay and that is what we all really want!

There are continual advancements in technology and if you want to stand out and create a new experience for your attendees try incorporating some new technology or something different. You can consider projection-mapped motion graphics, 360 videos, and so much more.

  1. Graphics

We know; this sounds pretty obvious, but good graphics are very important. Above all else, you must be able to spot the difference between good and bad graphics on exhibition display stands.

We have all seen it before; were a picture has been blown up above its resolution and the outcome is a blurry, pixelated mess. This definitely gets filed under "what not to do" on an exhibition display stand. 

On your trade show stand, the only thing you should accept is full-sized, vibrant, and clean graphics. This goes for your logos and every other piece of marketing material. You want everything to be eye-catching and immediately convey who you are and what your company is about. 

If it's time to go back to the drawing board on your graphics, then don't be afraid to invest in an experienced graphic designer. The old cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words is often repeated because it is more than true. Let your graphics speak for themselves and invite visitors into your exhibition booth. 

  1. Photo Booths And Social Media

It is kind of an interesting phenomenon. The average person will take more than 450 selfies per year. Clearly, we are not in a shortage of headshots. But, add a photo booth into the mix at a party, wedding reception, or trade show stand, and you are getting some serious traffic! 

Of course, photo booths at your trade show booth are worth more than just a new selfie, but a new lead. With each passer-by's permission, you can instantly upload their fun-filled pics to your social media channels. This is a great opportunity to let the likes and make your shares blossom.

  1. Modern Storefronts

Another thing we are noticing in exhibition display stands is modern storefronts. People are transporting little glimpses of their shop to the trade show floor. We are talking nice carpeting, a faux wall with wallpaper and a painting (or a video wall), display tables with merchandise, and more. 

This turns your typical trade show booth into a full-blown experience. Customers can come and lounge on your comfy chaise chairs while scanning your products or services. Or, they can visit each table and explore your products in living colour.

  1. Updated Swag

Everybody loves a giveaway, don't they? Swag has been part of the trade show arena since the dawn of time. But, click pens, USB drives, and travel mugs have become quite stale. 

Try to think outside the box here. Is there something pertaining to your industry you can give away? Think of something highly useful that the customer might use and then, one day down the line, they just might hop on your site and make a purchase! 

Custom Trade Show Displays For Your Business

You can have it all. You can display a plush storefront, incorporate video, and tap into your social media channels all at once. Don't be afraid to plug into your creative mind when it comes to custom trade show displays. In fact, the more ingenuity you can express, the more traffic you are likely to attract. 

Here at Cre8 Exhibits and Events, we are a group of passionate creatives, graphic designers, project managers, expert stand designers, booth builders and event professionals. When it comes to you, our business model is simple: personalised service, intelligent design, and quality construction. Allow us to take your visions and turn them into a reality that trade show visitors won't be able to pass by.

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