Top Exhibition Stand Tips to Create a Buzz

Exhibiting a trade show booth can be big for your business. It takes a solid investment of both time and money, but it can generate new leads, sell your services and products, and even bring in new business partners. 

Exhibition display stands are also a great way to showcase new products you hope to bring to market and gain feedback on these before releasing them into the market, source new distribution channels, network with industry gurus and more. If you are new to exhibits, this guide could be a great resource.

Top Insider Tips For A Successful Exhibition Stand

Exhibition display stands are not for the faint-hearted. It takes time, strategy, money, and a certain technique. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your next trade show booth investment: 

1. Understand Your Exhibition Audience:

There really is no point in spending time and effort on setting up a great exhibition stand design if you don't know who you're exhibiting to. Take the time to identify your target audience beforehand. With that, choose the best solutions for presenting your exhibit display to the right audience. Keep your audience's needs top-of-mind when creating your messaging, marketing, product pitches, and graphics. 

If you can really pinpoint your audience and what they're looking for, your exhibition stand will not be a quiet one! 

2. Clearly Identify The Product Or Service You Aim To Exhibit:

Not sure what to exhibit and why? This is your first major pitfall. Make sure you have a clear, solid idea of the exact product or service you aim to exhibit on your trade show booth and what the end-goal is. The word ''new'' is one of the most powerful on an exhibition floor. In essence new products are a magnet for attendees. Make sure to offer an interactive experience of your new product or service. Otherwise, you could fail to capture the attention of your ideal target market. Once you have the foundation built of what you want to exhibit, begin looking into how you can successfully capture your audience! Custom point of sale displays, and custom stand displays are a great way to start.

3. Design an Exhibit That's Not Only Attractive But Functional:

Far too many exhibitors are focused on drawing attention to their exhibits by means of clutter, colour, and even noise. While this may be effective in some cases, try not to overwhelm your audience. Keep your exhibition stand design open and uncluttered, but make sure it's inviting and interesting. Remember not to obstruct more than 20% of the aisle with your counters, walls, or exhibit goods. Colour, light, and movement are ideal for attracting attendees. Engaging presentations, demos, infotainment and bubbly, informative staff are also key.

4. High-Impact Graphics Make All The Difference:

Ideally, you want your exhibit display graphics to act as visual ''speed bumps'' for your audience. But try to steer clear of garish images. Truly effective images create interest by telling your customers what your service or product can do for them. You have approximately 3.5 seconds to capture their interest, which is the average time it takes to walk past a 3m x 3m exhibition booth. 

5. Invest Time In Pre, At-Show And Post-Show Promotion:

Before your exhibition kicks off, take the time to be proactive in inviting your most-wanted attendees. Use email marketing and social media campaigns for pre-show promotion. Turn to traditional forms of advertising for your at-show promotion i.e. fliers, posters, exhibition notices, demos, and more.  

6. Take Time To Train Your Exhibition Team:

The team that serves and promotes your exhibition booth can also make or break your exhibition stand success. Invest some time in briefing and training them on best-exhibition booth practices. Have smiling, bubbly, assertive, and outgoing staff working at your booth and out in aisles, too. Train your staff to not badger or be forceful on attendees - desperation shows and it can be a complete turn-off. 

Finally, your staff should be able to make one point to attendees with as few words as possible. Make those three seconds count! Make sure your elevator pitch is also no longer than 30-seconds so the attendees don’t get bored and tune out.

Looking For Innovative Design Solutions? 

That is where our professional and experienced staff can help! Made up of the finest exhibition stand designers, display builders and stand contractors, we can design a custom stand display that maximises your impact! What better way than to steal the show with a deluxe custom display stand, designed in detail of your brands values!

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