Useful Tips & Tricks for Effective Event Management Banner Design

Tips and Tricks for Effective Event Management Banner Design

Effective event banners are the most sought-after mode of web advertisements. All sorts of avant-garde and unconventional banner advertisements are making their way over the online market, nowadays. These advertisements are displayed mainly to draw the viewers’ attention instantly. Moreover, these ads are created with a more awe-inspiring attitude rather than with the objective of selling a specific service, event, or product.

Companies often use banner advertisements to announce their new events, if any, or product launch, workshops, or seminars. Effective event banners have gained immense popularity with time and efficiently capture the essence of your business.

So, if you are a designer and looking for inspirations have a look at these effective tips for event banner designs.

Eight Useful Tips for Effective Event Banner Design

Focus on Description

To design effective event banners, it is important to be open to different concepts and ideas. Events might vary from a high profile commercial affair or a simple seminar at college. A designer may be required to create an event banner for the various types of events. One of the fundamental tips for event banners is to create a design that is distinct from others, which can help the business stay ahead of the curve.

Many event banner designing companies have faced this challenge of conveying the message effectively, without being uninteresting or monotonous. Make sure abstain from elaborating too much as it might devalue the banner advertisement. Highlight your event idea by using effective catchphrases, words, and sentences.

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Emphasize on Graphics

Effective event banner advertisements have the power of grabbing the attention of your potential customers. Avoid excessive use of logos, images, graphics, or texts in event management designs as it can devalue its purpose. Our professional group of expert designers prefers using minimal designs and keeps it bare minimum, where it is extremely necessary. It is important to remember that the graphics or illustrations should not subdue the core message of the banner.

Color Combinations

Banner advertisements should be as colorful as the client’s event. However, go right on the color combinations so that it does not annoy your customers. At times, designers end up using too many colors, which are not easy on the eyes. The viewers find it difficult to understand the main message of the event and end up overlooking it. It is better to consult with the client beforehand, to avoid any miscommunication later. Check if they have any specific color schemes or suggestions in their mind, to add a personal touch in it.

In events like weddings, parties, and others, prefer using informal colors like bright yellow, sparkling pink, red, and mauve, while keeping neutral colors like grey, black, brown, or off-white for corporate events. The choice of colors hugely depends on the type of event banner ad you are designing. Be it personal, professional, or social, your choice of color combinations should be visible from a greater distance.

Keep Distance and Display Time into Consideration

Before starting with the designing process, it is immensely important to consider distance and display time. Know how far the banner advertisement will be displayed from the potential customers and at what time. This is a major point that is often ignored by the banner ad designers, even the most experienced ones.

Be smart enough to make your banner ad size as per the event size! Always remember that your banner ad should not be a mystery for the viewers. If the banner ad is for a big event and is to be displayed at a community hall, then the graphics, illustrations, and texts should be large enough to make it legible for the viewers. Small fonts may ruin the effectiveness of the banner ad and the event altogether.

Another important point to consider is the display time of the banner. Along with appropriate font size and style, display time also holds prime relevance, which will facilitate the effectiveness of the event.

Bold Call to Action Buttons

With millions of banner ads floating here and there, what makes a visitor click on your ad? This is one of the major challenges faced by the banner ad designers. Your event banners should be unique and distinct with an easily identifiable call to action button. Do not make the button too small or too big as compared to the other elements of your banner advertisement.

Keep it in a rectangular shape, with a sense of urgency in it. Use catchy words like ‘Call Now’, ‘Contact Us Today’, ‘Book Your Spot Soon’, and others. Additionally, you can also use words like ‘Me’, ‘You’, ‘Us’, and others to make it interactive.

Go Right on Typeface

One of the major concerns of an expert designer should be to use the right typeface in the banner designs. Most of the designers, even the experienced ones tend to go wrong on the typeface, which can hinder the effectiveness of the event banners. Always remember, any design gets its individuality from the right typeface. Moreover, many global logos are recognized because of the creative usage of the typeface. Few brilliant examples of how letters become a company’s identity are Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, FedEx, and more.

Hence, before incorporating the typeface in your banner design, it is important to keep in mind that it matches the identity of the company. It’s better to conduct a research beforehand to match with the client’s demands and business. What type of business the company is into, who the target audiences are, and how the business manages; are important to consider. All such information will help the designer to pick the correct typeface. Moreover, this will also help you create clickable ad designs.

For instance, if a company organizes entertainment events then you can incorporate a handwritten style of the typeface as it represents an informal environment. However, for a formal corporate event, the typeface choice should be different and more professional. You can pick a professional typeface that denotes a formal environment.

Clarity is hugely essential

An effective event banner should be crystal clear for the viewers to understand. The designers should present the banner ads in such a way that the message is not a mystery to potential customers. If the clarity is questionable then the viewers would be left perplexed about the core message of the banner advertisement. If the viewers have to spend too much time understanding the message of the advertisement, then they might end up losing interest. Thus, it is important to keep the message succinct and short while crafting, so the customers are sure why they are clicking on the banner ads.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that the continuity of the design flows well through the banner ad right from the call-to-action button to the final page, or else the objective might take a back seat.

Test your Banner Ads

It is important to test the banner ads beforehand, with various variations and different scenarios for determining the potential customers’ varied reactions. While considering the testing line, your modes and parameters of representation must keep on enhancing.

With these handy tips for event banner design, you are sure to win the hearts of your potential customers and convince them to click on it at least once. However, the rest lies in the design game, how the sales promotion program is carried forward, and through which they conduct. Always keep in mind that your banner design should hold essential information or message.


The core message should be crystal clear as it is of prime importance. Additionally, the event banners should be created with the correct color combinations as well as a typeface to give a distinctive identity and look to the advertisement. Moreover, it is essential to make sure that the call-to-action button is added to the banner advertisement as it helps interact with the audience and evokes a sense of urgency.

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