The Top 5 Event Trends Of 2020 You'll Want To Plan For

More than half of marketers say that trade show exhibition displays are the biggest driver of revenue, ahead of other marketing channels like social media.

There are some risks in trade show display stands, the cost to attend these events is high, but the return is great if you provide a great experience for attendees.

Are you getting ready for your events in 2020? Take a look at these event trends to make sure your exhibition displays stands are perfection and get the result that you deserve.

  1. Increased Personalisation

Event attendees demand that they get solutions that fit their needs. For marketers, your job is harder because you can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.

This is the perfect opportunity to look into creating a custom exhibition display. Not only will your brand stand out from the other exhibitors, but you also have the chance to make it your own and spread your brands message to a range of different audiences.

You need to spend more time on market research in the planning phase to understand who will be attending the event. It is up to you to craft the right message and experience for each type of audience.

  1. Virtual Reality Enhances The Experience

A branded trade show display stand is one thing. You need to take the experience to another level, which you can do with virtual reality.

You can show off your entire line of products and services. This keeps attendees engaged with your brand longer. They will also remember your brand long after the event.

  1. Focus On Holistic Wellness

Exhibitors’ employees and attendees have placed increased importance on wellness and event planners have noticed.

Events are still hours of noise and hyperactivity, though event planners are providing more spaces during the show where attendees can step away to a quiet space. Ensure that your exhibition stand design includes a small area where attendees can recuperate. Adding some branded reading material or surveys where they can sit down is also ideal! This ensures that attendees are more engaged during the trade show.

Planners are actively looking to partner with hotels that have wellness programs. This allows everyone the space to unwind and relax during the event.

Exhibitors can take note by offering similar wellness spaces when it is aligned with the brand. Another option is to sponsor these wellness spaces.

  1. AI Drives Decision Making

Both exhibitors and planners are using artificial intelligence to drive decisions. Event planners use AI to find keynote speakers, times to have specific events during the trade show, reaching influencers and attendees.

Exhibitors can use AI to create chatbots that interact with attendees during the show. During and after the show, AI can be used to rate the quality of leads collected during the show.

  1. More Branded Experiences

Branded experiences have come to the forefront of marketing. Branded hotels and experiences that combine the digital world with the physical world are driving this change.

These experiences are not limited to games and hotels. They are becoming commonplace in event marketing as well. Trade show booths are designed to deliver immersive brand experiences that are more interactive. 

As we enter a new year, event marketers will continue to adapt and change in order to provide a complete brand experience to enhance brand recognition and gain new customers.

As these event trends show, the focus is on attendees. It is crucial that you incorporate personalisation and technologies into your custom exhibition displays in order to give your brand more options in connecting with consumers in more meaningful ways.

Do you want to know how you can take your brand’s event marketing to the next level? Contact our team of professional exhibition stand designers and builders today for a free consultation.

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