The Importance Of Good Exhibition Stand Design

Booking a space and participating in an exhibition or event is one thing, but attracting potential visitors to your stand, making new and important business leads and standing out from your competitors is another thing all together.

You CAN simply participate in an exhibition, but the importance of booth design or your exhibition stand design is also paramount. Look at it from your potential customers point of view, for example, let us say there is an exhibition on for a particular field, let’s assume they are a skin doctor ‘dermatologist’. They walk into a hall about the size of 10 football fields and must navigate through this giant hall over a three-day period to find resources and equipment for their practice.

Exhibitions are for specific targeted niches, they bring together like minded people and businesses into one space so your customers and potential customers have a one stop location where they can find you, meet you and get to know your brand and company.

Exhibitions attract specific targeted people, which puts your brand smack bam in front of your targeted audience. This also means you are in a hall of like-minded businesses and your direct competitors and this is why you need to stand out. You may have better products, features and offerings but how does your potential customer know this? They don’t, especially if you are new into the market, so you have to grab their attention as they mindlessly stroll through the halls and show them why your brand is better than your competitors. An excellent exhibition stand design or exhibition booth design will help you achieve this.

Your exhibition stand design represents your brand and your brand values, so you don’t want to look like the poor cousin! A well-lit, designed and thought out exhibition booth design will do wonders to attracting visitors to your stand and keeping them there.

You have 3-4 seconds to grab the attention of an attendee as they walk past your stand. In this scenario, your exhibition stand design plays a vital role in turning up customers towards your brand and makes you stand out from the sea of exhibitors.

The following elements contribute to a great exhibition stand design:

Graphics – One of the most basic yet effective exhibition booth design areas is to have alluring graphics that present your brand, pose a question or answer a question. Graphics are so underrated but are one of the most important features of any exhibition stand design, they can make or break a stand, make your stand pop and stand out or make it tie into the background.

Movement – movement helps to attract the eye, if you have some movement on your stand, attendees see this at the corner of there eye and it makes them go, Oh what was that, and attracts them to your stand through investigation. It could be as simple as a TV playing a continual loop of videos or images or something more dramatic such as projectors and robotics.

Interactivity – This is about engaging your audience, you have attracted them onto your stand now what, how do you keep them there, keep them interested and motivate them to remember your brand and purchase your offerings. Interactivity can help do just that. A simple game that evokes laughter can make your stand memorable, in a sea of stands over generally a three-day period being memorable is very important!

Lighting – Often overlooked lighting is also key when creating your exhibition booth design. It helps to build the atmosphere of your stand and your brand. Exhibition halls are usually quite dark and gloomy so having a bright well-lit stand can be very inviting. Utilising different lighting such as warm, cool or colourful lighting helps to create the overall environment on your stand and evoke emotion in your attendees as well as targeted lighting can help to highlight the products and offerings on your stand, draw attention to specific sections on your stand you want your visitors to notice and much more.

Stand Flow – Another often-overlooked element when creating your exhibition stand design is stand flow, how many visitors do expect to have on your stand at once? How many visitors are expected to visit the event? How are people going to manoeuvre throughout your stand? And what are the key features you want attendees to see and notice first? Answers to these questions all come down to the stand flow. Investigate where attendees will be entering into the hall, the main walkways and the first point of contract with your stand. At this point have your biggest feature or draw card to attract people into your stand, it could be as simple as a coffee machine, or your new fancy product. From this point follow the flow around your stand what will attract the attendees eye next, how are you making them stand on the stand, possibly a simple rest area where people can put down there bags and put up there feet long enough for one of your representatives to have a chat to them and grab that all important lead!

Effective exhibition booth design can help to generate more leads and create a bigger buzz around your business. Your booth should be the one everyone at the show is talking about, and that the media persons there are reporting on. Make smart investments to get your booth looking as snappy and unique as possible.

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