How To Choose Your Exhibition Stand?

Regardless of how promenade or dominating your business is within your given business sector, an exhibition hall or conference centre is an even playing field for all. This is great when launching your business or a new product or service, gaining new targeted clients or if you are one of the small guys, as everyone gets a chance to be seen, and put front and centre to your targeted audience who are actually interested in your offerings. With all businesses needing to maintain a visual presence that is both impressive, enticing and focusing on their key offerings.

There is so much value riding on exhibition stands, anyone could come out on top, due to this it is no wonder that so much time, effort and money is poured into choosing the correct exhibition stand worthy of your events visitors attention.

Unfortunately, some companies think this means throwing gimmicks at visitors, everyone does love a freebie, and these items do have their place but to a certain degree. Choosing the right exhibition, the right look and so on are big contributing factors and need not be difficult.


The three main options available to you when choosing your exhibition stand include:

Modular Stand

This is a great option if your company participates in one or more exhibitions or events within a given year, and plan on doing so again and again. These stands are built with flexibility, ease of transport and reoccurring use in mind. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be customised to fit your requirements for each individual event. For example, one event you may require a TV, but the other events you don’t and at another event you may require additional storage or bench space which isn’t usually required, these requirements can be added in and taken away with a modular stand.

These stands usually come with a standard core or structure which items are then added onto and subtracted from, much as a large back wall which can be modified to include a large LCD display, lightbox, lighting or simple graphics.

Utilising the same core items in every event you go into ensures consistency with your brand and audience. Your audience knows what to look out for i.e. that large back wall but creating a point of difference i.e. the way you use the back wall ensures you keep your audience interested and keep your stand looking fresh.

Things to keep in mind are ongoing storage costs, where the stand will be located between events and transportation costs, especially if the stand needs to travel long distances, at times it is more cost effective to keep your modular stand in one location and hire or purchase another if the distance the stand needs to travel is too far.

Custom Stand

Custom stands are a great way to showcase your brand, company, key offerings and get your messaging across to your audience as they are custom made to suit your requirements, your brand, and your offerings. Custom stands can become quite costly if you are not careful. If you have the budget, then great! But if not, you can still have a custom stand with a couple compromises.

Many companies chose to make a custom exhibition stand when they have a large or important event or trade show that they attend. This could be annual or bi-annual event. It is usually an all-out event were companies want to make an impression.

These stands tend to be built for single use, tailored to specific needs and the brief that the company has for the whole of the exhibition space.

Portable Stand

Smaller businesses, sole traders and start-ups all welcome the opportunities that exhibitions can bring their way. That said, spending hundreds is not necessarily feasible at this early stage. Or if you are attending smaller events where your company has to make a presence but the event itself isn’t a priority portable stands really do come in handy.

These stands are a cost-effective solution that look professional and can be as effective as all the other options in giving your company and brand a voice amongst the large world of commerce and marketing.

Portable stands tend to be quaint, compact and relatively lightweight, making them perfect for storing, transporting and building at an exhibition. They are also fully customisable thus, you can create and design a fabulous display that highlights your logo, company ethos, products and so on to the passing populace.


Can you choose just one or a combination?

All too often, people think that they have to choose one or the other but, when it comes to creating a unique exhibition space, taking time to really think about what you want it to do and say to your customers can pay dividends.

And so no, you do not have to stick with just one option, you can combine features of the above options together to create your desired outcome and requirements as well as utilise all three options throughout your event repertoire. Big companies do this quite often, building a custom one off stand for the large industry bi-annual event going all out showing there competitors and clients what they can do, in a matter of speaking “flexing” what they have and what they can do. Utilising a modular stand to showcase at multiple events throughout the year to ensure consistent branding and utilising the portable stands to ensure they have a presence at smaller events that may not be as important or lucrative for the company.


You need to carefully consider what is available to you within your allocated budget and way up your options as well as highlight what you want to achieve from your event.

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