Event Signage: An Effective Way to Improve Attendee Experience

Professionals understand the importance of utilizing the right event signage for every gathering they invest in; it draws guest’s attention, showcases essential information in a place that is very easily visible to them.

It also builds up a powerful and more professional position for a brand. The purpose here is relatable for any growing business owners, and you need to plan strategies to reach the ultimate goal with signages.

Why are signages necessary? How can they help you in putting a fantastic brand identity on the table? What are the best possible practices to use to your advantage? Read on, to know more. 


Why is Event Signage Important?

Starting with what is event signage, it is merely a combination of intelligent graphic design with displaying a sign reflecting an entire event to its guests. The sole purpose in the first place is simple: conveying an idea and essential information to the visitors, the audience.

If you can remember attending an event with welcome signs to decorative boards, it is all about visuals when it comes to events.

There are so many other causes that event signage serves; like:

  • Giving promotion to the event.
  • Send out recognitions to the brands included in the event.
  • Providing essential details to the audience.
  • Working as directions for the attendees.
  • Additionally, some signages also display safety awareness.


Signage is a great way to drive immediate attention and can be used more than on ways to provide attendees with a world-class experience. But one has to consider the place and time and also where are the potential audience placed and are most likely to come across the signs you have put together.

If we talk about why are event signage important then there will be definite reasons to point, some of them we thought we should include here:


How Can Event Signage Enhance Experience for Your Attendees?

  • They help people to find places and also other necessary information but for posting poor or no signage at all; will do nothing but confuse your guests and also worsen their experience. It can be annoying to search out for a washroom amid an event crowd, and it could also potentially bring chaos to the entire situation.
  • With the right types of signage, your guests won’t be asking questions like ‘Where will be the next event happening?’ or ‘Where do we need to go for signing up for the seminar?’ When they can roam around effortlessly and only directed by the signs and connecting and networking with other guests, what do you think will appear to them as a successful event? The part where your event affects their experience and in the bigger picture of their lives. 
  • Signs are an excellent way to make pleasant encounters and also can work as prevention from the developments of adverse experiences on the part of your guests. Your guests will be arriving, and some of the events will be on their priority lists so that the event signage can be their guide with minimal effort and they will be looking forward to attending your next events too.
  • Attractive signs can bring more business opportunities for your brand and the acquaintances. Events are great platforms for selling sponsorship opportunities, and you can grow your margin as well. Using the right signs at perfect locations can assist your sponsors in looking into this matter and walking a step forward and invest in introducing their logos, images, copies with you as well. Moreover, if you can play with some out of the box signage ideas, you can charge more and also can attract more lucid opportunities in the future. 
  • A right package of event signage also makes your event memorable for your guests, cause people do not remember what they see or hear. They only remember how your event has made them feel. Signage can be a significant part of it, serving purposes from sending out the correct directions, entertaining a thought, to capturing moments of different affairs in the events. This can ensure your guests have an easy-going and joyful time at the event, which could be good news for the sponsors and your clients too.
  • When people see that you have used every area of your event location for greater use for them, it will be impressive. Entrances, staircases, escalators are great places to show off good designs and attractive signs, and signages can come in bigger sizes like billboards which are recommended for bringing visitor’s attention towards your presence. But do implement more significant measures only where the shoe fits.

Some Event Great Signage Ideas & Tricks for your Next Events

Now that you have gone through the part where signages play an essential role in ensuring valuable customer experience let us unveil some of the best practices of designing signage and also how you can implement them with ease. When we say event signage ideas, it is defined as the levels of efforts in innovation and technicality. There are several go-to tips to create signs that immediately wins the audience’s attention, and some of them will need you to put in some hard work— providing here some of the tips that make great signage.


  1. Start with choosing colours that are compelling to the eyes of the viewer. Choice of the right colour plays a significant contributory factor for designs; it conveys an identity for a brand. It would help if you were consistent with your shades that are going to be used in the events because they should reflect your brand design and obviously personality. Also, take notice of the latest trends in colours to stand out.
  2. Most of the event signage we come across always has something to speak out to the audience, and sometimes there are actual words included in it. So readability could be one of your priorities here. Using contrasting elements to grab attention to the terms can be a right choice, like darken writing in a background where the tone is lightened, avoid pairing similar colours because they will be harder to identify and read.
  3. Another general tip for designing your next signage is using more powerful writing, for only one reason: it makes the signs more readable and approachable for the guests. Events can be crowded places, so your movements should be visible to the attendees from a significant distance which can be farther away.
  4. As for event signage ideas, you can rely on the latest trends of using digital designs for them. Over the past few years, high definition and sharp digital imagery have created immense possibilities for businesses and how they can be better at communicating with their audiences. Often the digital signs come off as quite interactive, so they can provide a much better way for grabbing people’s attention and also may assist your brand to stand out, even there are high levels of competition in the event management market; following up the latest business trends.

Digital signages are nothing but elements placed on a digital screen, displaying information. This creates an opportunity for you for showcasing your signature design for the brand, in addition to that you get to convey the underlying message, demonstrating useful data related to your business, locations to find your services, products (if any), sharing schedules and also event presentations. When it comes to using traditional signages, there will always be restrictions for size, but with digital signage, you overcome those problems.

  1. Another approach to win over your guests with signs can be focusing your attention on providing more and more valuable information. However, some brands make severe mistakes by adding too much information in characters, which can be critical for the viewers to read. You need to be very selective in terms of what you want to display in the most visible locations. Providing attendees with more information always consider adequate, but you should also make sure in the process, crucial information shouldn’t get lost. You only get a few seconds to send out a message to the reader, so make those seconds valuable.


Using Individual Types of Signages

Using individual types of signages for different events for direct people right away is a creative way to lead your visitors. Organizing events for corporate events can be very different from commercial ones, so why not use completely different signages for each time?

You can use every object in the circumstances as an opportunity for signage which can be regarded as a work of art. Using colourful event banners to strategic spots, floating signs of driving people’s attention, using both horizontal and vertical spaces to your advantage are innovative ways to craft that signage that means value.

There are endless ideas to use for different types of signage; you can always experiment with making sure it works out best. While maintaining a powerful image with the right amount of balance always encourage engagement with your attendees and also upgrade their experience.

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