Considering A Hanging Or Rigging Banner For Your Next Exhibition Stand? Here’s Why You Should!

First things first, what is a Hanging Exhibition Banner or Rigging Banner?

A hanging or rigging banner is two different words for the same thing, it is a structure that is suspended from the roof generally over the top of an exhibition stand which displays a message, image or branding and used as a promotional tool.

To define:

Rigging – being both a noun - the equipment itself, and verb - the action of installing said equipment, in the preparation to move objects. Riggers assemble and install the lifting equipment needed to raise, roll, slide or lift objects.

Hanging – suspending something in the air.

Banner – a sign generally made from cloth bearing a slogan or design, carried in a demonstration, procession, or hung in a public place.


Five Main Reasons Why You Need a Hanging Exhibition Banner:

360 Degrees of Exposure

Hanging high above your exhibition space, and away from all the noise below from the exhibition floor, your banner will have front stage. Whether you have a round, square, triangle, or rectangular banner, showing your message from all sides provides a 360 degree, across the hall exposure.

Stand Out!

In a hall full of similar stands and product offerings, standing out from the crowd can be difficult. A hanging exhibition banner is a fantastic option to help you do just that. Yes, you can go with a simple design such as a square or circle and this will give you high impact but you can also get creative with it, go with an unusual shape or eye catching images and messaging. Use the hanging exhibition banner as a tool to attract potential customers to your space.

Maximise Available Space

When booking your space and exhibiting at a trade event there are quite specific guidelines when it comes to the size of your stand and the space that you can utilise. You must stay within your allocated space. If you have purchased a 3m x 3m space, you cannot exceed that space.

We would all like to have the biggest stand at the event but sometimes this is just not feasible as space costs money and depending on your budget for each event, it may only be tangible to have a 6m x 3m space, for example, and it is all about maximising your budget to get the best possible outcome for your company and brand.

So although you may only have a 6m x 3m floor space, in a standard Australia exhibition hall you could have up to 11m in height you could utilise for your brand, so why wouldn’t you go up? Maximise that height to your advantage!

Locating Your Stand and Directory

Hanging exhibition banners are not only great to make your space stand out! But they can help your visitors easily locate your stand in a hall full of stands. You may have pre-arranged meetings or invited VIP guests to your stand, having a hanging exhibition banner on your space ensures your guests can easily locate your stand amongst the exhibition chaos, they can simply look up and see your logo and messaging high in the sky or hall.

Hanging exhibition banners are not only for exhibition stands they can also be used by organisers and major event sponsors to direct visitors around the event floor, showing guests where amenities are located, such as rest areas, bathrooms and water stations, as well as specific event activities such as stages, presentation areas and specific guest areas, VIP or oncology lounges?!

High Impact, Being Unique and Getting Your Message Across

There are many reasons and ways a hanging exhibition banner can help you get high impact and your message across in a busy exhibition hall or conference centre.

High impact doesn’t necessarily mean big, it definitely can mean big, but big is only one of many ways you can create high impact. Being unique is an important aspect of creating high impact, but you need to do your research, find out who your competitors are, what do they normally do, what are their usual features, find that information and then do the opposite. Here is an example:

You are a small company entering into a large pharmaceutical event, pharmaceutical events are usually a wash of white and blue, modern sleek stands with very simple sophisticated features and hanging exhibition banners generally being large simple banners with a company’s logo front and centre. Instead of following the mould of what everyone else is doing, you could have an unusual shaped banner such as a hexagon, on every second side have your logo and branding messages and every other side pose a question to your potential visitors to grab their attention in bright bold colours of the rainbow. You could then have a suspended structure underneath your banner that has greenery, and lighting flowing down into your stand. Tying this bright, colourful, green theme into the rest of your stand and you are sure to stand out from the sea of white and blue.


How Do You Set Up An Exhibition Banner?

To set up a trade show ceiling banner, firstly you need to ensure rigging is possible where your stand is located, this may be a factor for you when choosing your stand location, as some locations throughout exhibition halls can and cannot have rigging and there might be height restrictions in certain locations as well but the event organiser when booking your space should let you know of any potential concerns.

The next step is to put together your design, get approval from the event organisers and touch base with the riggers. As mentioned above the riggers are the people who have the necessary equipment, expertise and labour to install your hanging exhibition banner and other hanging items, they are also fully qualified and licensed, which is very important!

There is a bit of a process to get your hanging exhibition banner/s approved, ensuring it is safe, within event restrictions, within venue restrictions, considering any obstacles that may affect your hanging signs for your trade show, considering artwork and graphics, ensuring the resolution and quality of your graphics are high enough for a banner, considering the size of your banner, is it large enough to be seen from all angles or small enough in some instances and you also need to consider what other exhibitors in your event will be doing. This is the hardest part as you have no idea what the stands around you will be doing, research helps to know what they have done in the past and asking the event organiser can help but confidentiality between competitors means generally you just won’t know until the event bump in is completed.


This is all sounding a little scary at this point, but this is where we come in, you tell us what you want and we make it happen for you, we design your stand for you, communicate with all suppliers on your behalf to ensure all requirements are being met and then onsite ensure your hanging structures are standing out. Doing a final height adjustment can help wonders with banner visibility.

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