Why Should Portable Display Be Your Choice? Advantage & Benefits

Why Should a Portable Display Be Your Choice?

Are you planning to take part in more than one popular expo that is going to be held in your city? Well then, you have landed on the right blog. Participating in different expos itself is a step that would make your brand reach out to the targeted audience (the ones who are visiting). However, to make your booth stand out among the other competitors, you will have to do something that compels the visitors to pay a visit to your booth, whether or not they purchase your products/services. 

Wondering, what can be done so that the visitors can instantly get impressed by your way of branding? We suggest you opt for portable displays that are not just attractive but serves your brand in the best way possible.

Advantages of Investing in Portable Displays 

Apart from building your brand’s identity and making your booth look outstanding, there are many other advantages of portable banner display. To know about those advantages, please keep reading!

  1. Cost-effective: When compared to the generally printed advertisements, Potable Displays are way more cost-effective. You need to invest in portable displays once, and it is going to last you for over 2 to 3 years; sometimes even more! Hence, if your company often takes part in expos being held in your city or throughout the country, then opting for portable displays will be the right choice. 
  2. Easy to carry: Unlike the giant banners and hoardings that require workforce for bringing it in a different vehicle, Portable Displays, as the name suggests are easy to maintain. Lightweight and well-packed, these can be carried easily in any car that you are travelling in. If you are going to a two-wheeler, you would require a pillion to accept it; and if you are travelling by car, then dicky or the backset would be spacious enough to carry them. This is one of the primary reasons why you should choose portable display over anything else.
  3. Hassle-free setup: Hiring extra labourers to set up a booth that consists of various hoardings and banners for advertising your brand will take a toll on your pocket. But, when you opt for portable displays, you can easily set them up with the help of your sales or marketing team. No additional costs would be required for hiring labourers or helpers.
  4. Sleek & stylish: In today’s era, people always go along with the proverb that says – “less is more”. So, if you are thinking of adding too many elements to make your booth stand out among the others, then ditch the idea right away! Go for minimalistic décor. Portable displays are one such means of advertising which looks very simple and sleek, yet, it has got a hard-hitting impact on the people roaming around it.

Checkout any international brand, if they ever are a part of the expo, you’ll see them having portable banner stand only instead of multiple hoardings and banners that look OTT (Over the Top).

So, these were some of the significant portable display booth advantages. However, it’s not just their advantages that make them the best choice for branding your company or products’ image; it’s their variants too. Yes, you read that, right! Portable displays come in two major variants - FabLite & Pop Up Displays. 

Want to know more about them? Then be patient, and read more!

Popular Variants of Portable Display

  1. FabLite – FabLite displays come in easy-to-assemble tube frames along with pillowcase dye, sub-graphics, which can be pulled down over the edge, and zip closed. Neither any extra tool nor additional labour is needed to set them up at your expo booth. 
  • Specialty –Extremely Lightweight, Robust, And Easy To Carry.


  1. Pop Up –Pop Up displays have got an altogether different frame system than FabLite. These constitute a collapsible frame system, which makes it easier to store and carry, as and when needed. Maximum of the parts of a Pop-Up display can be assembled and taken down by one person. 
  • Specialty - Easily Installed Magnetic Graphics, and Extremely Convenient for Displays on the Go.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of portable display and their types, we are pretty sure that you would opt for these only, whenever you are taking part in expos and other big-shot events. However, do not choose a random company for this task. To make this a one-time investment, at least for the next 2 to 3 years, you must choose a renowned company. 

Choosing A Portable Display Designing Company – Made Easy 

To grab hold of a renowned exhibition stand builder company, the first thing that you must do is draw a comparison between more than three different companies in your city, which print as well as design portable displays. Some of the important things that you’ll need to compare among the 3 to 4 companies that you have shortlisted are as follows:

  • Compare the portfolio of their previous work.
  • Compare the clientele base of all the companies that you have shortlisted.
  • Compare their rates. However, don’t leap onto the one who is charging an unbelievably low price as the quality of their print or the paper material could be inadequate.
  • Compare the experience of the companies and choose the one that has full years of experience.

Once the comparison is made, and you have finally found “that company”, don’t just blindly get going! There’s one last step that you have to follow, and that is, see their sample work in hardcopy and then go forward with the deal. If you want to see a demo or samples of how portable displays should look, then you may consider signing up for our newsletters or drop your requirements in the comment section below!

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