How Trade Shows Can Boost Your Marketing Game

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It’s interesting to see how much the marketing world has evolved. From the usage of social media platforms to the building of online communities, it’s important that as a company, you’re in tune with the latest trends while also maintaining the core values you and your team follow daily.

Trade shows are a marketing gem if you think about it. It’s a great way to showcase your company in a meaningful and unique way. It can also help you get a leg up if you’re in a small business or planning a product launch. Needless to say, trade shows are powerful and interactive and there are certain benefits that come from them. Check out the three reasons why you should consider them for your company!

Trade Shows Add The ‘Wow’ Factor

Competition is tight nowadays so what better way to stand out than to hold your own exhibit at a trade show. Compared to other promotional techniques, having a high-end design booth and friendly event staff can easily encourage attendees to learn more about your company and the product/service you’re trying to sell. Trade shows have the ability to be engaging because you’re able to physically see a business’ company culture and the passion they have for it. It’s also much easier to discuss potential opportunities with future clients compared to emailing or cold calling.

Engagement is Key

You’re engaging with future clients, people of your industry as well as the amazing designs contained in each booth. The aim of any effective marketing technique is to pull people in and trade shows can build hype over niche products and services. You can carefully craft your booth and add in minimalistic furniture, wall decor or stunning entertainment units.

The best thing about creating your own booth is that it allows more room for you to work on the interior and exterior of what you want to showcase to attendees across all industries. Because engagement is such a key ingredient to trade shows, you can visually put together something that represents your company and the people who work in it. Whoever says marketing isn’t personal clearly hasn’t been to a trade show yet!

It Makes Sales More Meaningful

Don’t you hate it when you’re approached by a salesperson and they try and sell you a product when you’re clearly not interested? It’s tough enough as it is that some people are paid through commission but in a trade show setting, you can approach sales in a meaningful way. Because of the passionate people working in a booth, it paves way to create positive energies between people.

It’s also so much easier to ask about any concerns you have regarding the company/product and you’ll feel like you’ve established a relationship right there and then. It’s so easy to get caught up in the financial side of the business sometimes that we forget we’re dealing with people who genuinely want to learn more about something. Go above and beyond a sale and try to personalise every conversation you have with a person.
Marketing doesn’t have to be a boring set of social media campaigns when trade shows exist! There are plenty of opportunities that will open up for you if you realise how creative and unique it is to promote something from a simple trade show booth. If you love creative design and meeting new people, then trade shows are a perfect way to achieve your marketing goals!


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