Simple but Effective Ways to Market your Trade Show Stand

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Let’s admit it having a trade show stand at a popular trade show or expo is a plus in promoting your business. You not only get the chance to reinforce your brand but you also get to meet new potential customers. So how do you ensure that people actually get to know about your participation in the event?

1. Advertise your Booth

You don’t really need to spend so much money buying ad space but if you have the budget go ahead and splurge! If the organisers of the trade show have any marketing materials such as a magazine or maybe lanyard advertising, use this to advertise your stand. Visitors will definitely walk out with these items, so they would be considered a clever marketing opportunity. You can also distribute a simple invite or better yet update your email signature with details about the event such as the dates and your stand number, this way everyone you deal with will automatically know you’re participating and will have the details ready.

Trade Show Stand

2. Run a Contest

If you have a marketing budget that allows it, run a contest prior to the event and have winners collect their prizes at your trade show booth during the expo. Be sure to promote your contest on all your social media platforms.

3. Make Use of Industry Influencers

Find key industry influencers who can talk about your participation in the expo/trade show. If you can, work more closely with bloggers who have a large following.

4. Make it Interesting with a Hashtag

Trade Show Stand

Hashtags are an exciting way to create a buzz online. Come up with an interesting and unique hashtag for your event and use it across your social networks. Don’t forget to encourage your audience to use your event hashtag.

5. Provide Updates Constantly

Make sure that you constantly update your audience with important information regarding the expo/trade show, your role at the event and what they should expect. Do this before as well as during the event.

6. Collect Feedback

During the trade show/expo give the people who visit your display stand a short questionnaire to fill at the stand. This should help you collect feedback and ideas about how to improve your next event.

Trade Show Stand