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When it comes to Trade Shows, first impressions are so important. Making your mark as soon as you interact with the first few customers is an opportunity for you to present yourself as positive-minded and passionate. What you offer to your customers is not only vital to your professionalism, but the way you interact with them is represented by the company you work for. There are essential skills needed to survive this industry so we’ve curated the best to ensure that your event staffers are not lacking the skills needed for success!

Being tech-savvy rules!

Knowing your ins and outs of technology is an absolute must when surviving the events industry. With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s vital to have a digital pulse, knowing your way around smartphones, tablets etc. Not only will it be a lot easier to promote your social platforms to your customers, you’ll be able to showcase your work to people much easier without the hassle of taking out manuals and trying to read and learn at the same time. In a world where 90% of people own smartphones, it’s necessary to know your way around technology.

Having strong communication and listening skills

When you’re at a Trade Show, all your attention goes towards your customers because forming a good relationship with them can open up an invaluable opportunity and the possibility of gaining awesome leads too. It’s imperative to have strong communication skills because being able to explain things eloquently shows that you’re knowledgeable and confident. Stuttering and being unclear about what you mean can make your customer less likely to go for a brand that seems to not know what they’re talking about.

Furthermore, taking the time to listen to the wants and needs of your customer can give you an ultimate boost. Hearing them out and also being open-minded can really make your job easier because it helps them realise that you’re considerate of other people’s opinions. Showing qualities of leadership in both communicating and listening are skills needed to survive this industry as you’ll be spending a lot of time doing both!

Knowing how to sell

You know, Trade Shows may not run smoothly from time to time so you need event staffers that will interact with customers and encourage them to try your brand’s products, sign up to the company’s newsletter and give them the heads up to follow your Facebook or Instagram page too. It’s challenging to remain calm under pressure but event staffers that do the best they can to produce a positive outcome can help so much in putting your brand out there for future clients. Being persuasive shows that you have a keen interest in the company while also believing in the company’s vision too.

Let’s multi-task. It’s good for you!

Because of how fast-paced a trade show environment is, event staffers need to be able to do a lot of things at once. This means they need to be switched on at all times, meaning no slacking off when there’s an opportunity for clients to come on board to support your company. It helps to have people who thrive in a busy environment, regardless of how challenging and time-demanding it is.

Find solutions and be flexible

Being able to solve problems is a must to survive in this industry. Because of the speed of how things come and go in a Trade Show environment, being able to solve problems quickly is a skill that’s in demand as lots of things can go wrong. There’s so much going on so it’s important to have the resilience in handling challenging tasks and to remain calm when things change very rapidly. This is why flexibility comes hand-in-hand with problem-solving. You’ve got to be okay when things are rearranged in the last minute or if the caterer you hired can’t make it on time as planned. Coming up with effective solutions and being flexible can help you be a skilled and successful event staffer in no time.

Overall, we’re all in this industry together because we love it. There’s no denying how challenging the workload can be but having these skills really helps us do the job right. Even when something goes wrong, remember to always keep a calm and level-head and remain as professional as possible at Trade Shows. You’ve got the power to create an impact with your future clients. Having a great conversation and showing confidence in what you do says it all.



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