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How wonderful are trade shows? You get to meet new people, build and maintain professional relationships and also immerse yourself in a creative space where people are marketing their brand in a unique way. There’s so much to learn each time we step into the space, and it’s even more rewarding to see the amount of effort and dedication that comes out of building custom trade show stands.

We can appreciate the vitality each business brings to the dynamic of trade shows because of the amount of customer interaction that happens. Giveaways are a great way to showcase your brand, especially when a potential client is still sitting on the fence when it comes to using your services. Not only will giveaways help promote your brand but it will entice attendees to get involved with your company in some capacity, whether it’d be in the present or in the future.

Before you start giving away your goodies, there are important things to consider before you start picking the appropriate items to give out. Three questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is it branded? It’s worth taking a look to see if the giveaway reflects your brand. Adding your company logo can make all the difference!
  • Is it budget-friendly? Spending more than what you can afford is ineffective. The items do not have to be luxurious.
  • Is it valuable? Some giveaways may look plain in sight but if you find that most attendees are using them to their full advantage, you’ve made a wise choice!

Not sure what to give out exactly? Here are our Top 10 items!

1. Phone Chargers

Trade Shows are always busy and some of us underestimate how much we use our smartphones. Taking notes, building contacts, emailing and snapping photos for social media can drain our batteries and by the end of the day, our phones can no longer be used. Phone chargers are a great source for attendees and work perfectly in your brand’s favour. You’ll be giving people battery life and that’s surely something you can get remembered by!

2. Tote Bags

Want people to notice your company even more? Tote bags are a great way to do this because attendees are able to carry them around during the day. It’s also very useful storing away all those goodies they’ve managed to collect too.

3. Breath Mints

Had a kebab for lunch and worried about your next meeting? Breath mints are a godsend because they are useful for people who regularly engage with others. Whether it’s from a demo presentation or a networking opportunity, having a fresh breath is always a good idea. Breath mints are practical too because they’re light to carry and travel-friendly.

4. Headphones

There’s nothing worse than having broken headphones so giving away a pair can do wonders for your brand. Not only will your attendee walk out of the trade show and use them, they can see how innovative and creative you are with your giveaway. Just be sure that the headphones come in a branded case so people won’t forget your brand.

5. Hand Sanitiser

Don’t be surprised if attendees start flocking your booth when you start giving away hand sanitisers. They are incredibly useful, especially when you’re out and about and need to clean your hands but have no access to a bathroom. Having your brand stamped on the bottle is effective promotion and attendees can use them on a daily too.

6. Product Samples

Product samples are worthy to giveaway because it helps attendees identify your brand through your product. They are effective because your product may be part of a niche market attendees are engaged towards.

7. Snacks

Having lollies, chips and a refreshing beverage can be a great way to reel in more attendees in your booth. Offering people snacks will buy you time to help with a sales pitch and will make them stick around your booth for longer! It’s inevitable for people to feel a bit peckish after running around for a couple of hours and a snack can easily curb one’s appetite!

8. Luggage Tag

It only makes sense because most of us travel to do the work that we love! Having a branded luggage tag is a wonderful giveaway as attendees now have the opportunity to use it everywhere they go when travelling by air.

9. Reusable Water Bottles

Environmentally-friendly and money-saving, reusable water bottles will be a hit in your upcoming trade show. Everyone needs their daily intake of water and because of how hard we work on the daily, having one when travelling to work or in the office can be beneficial for many of us.

10. Lip Balm

During the cooler months, you’ll find that you’re reaching out for lip balm to treat those chapped lips. What better way to do this by saving attendees a couple of bucks and giving them lip balm yourself. Just think about how many times they’ll need to use it – they’ll never escape your brand!
Overall, giveaways can help increase brand visibility if you’re smart about what you give out. Depending on what you want to achieve, all of the above items can help you reach your sale targets and can break the ice among attendees entering your booth.


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