Keepin’ It Fresh With Trade Show Marketing

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It’s important to be inventive, especially with trade show marketing. It can sometimes be easier to stick with what you know, but without switching things up, you lose engagement from future customers. Unlike traditional marketing methods, trade shows offer creativity, professionalism and an experience for customers when it comes to discovering new brands. Essentially, you are putting yourself out there, giving business the authenticity it deserves.

At the end of 2015, an Exhibits Survey was conducted and findings showed that 64% of trade show attendees were not existing customers and that 38% of them were influenced to purchase by the trade show visit itself.

With evolving technologies and trends, it’s encouraged for all exhibitors to be innovative when it comes to methods of presentation and design. Visual merchandising and executing brand concepts also play an essential part of trade show marketing as well.

So how can we keep things fresh when it comes to our trade show stands?

Be Unique!

Find a common thread among your competition and offer a new and unique experience for customers. Whether it means hiring performers for entertainment, running your own game competitions and engaging customers with your products for sales, anything that gets people involved is always a fun idea.

As long as these things align with your brand, it should boost your customer presence by tenfold. There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing the enthusiasm for your brand in a unique way. People with short attention spans will especially appreciate your efforts! If you can make people laugh and smile, even better.

Have a Captivating Design

Creating an eye-catching design is always a plus when you’re trying to market yourself at trade shows. Being creative with design, using awesome graphics and taking into account visual merchandising all contribute greatly when it comes to your stand. It’s important that you take into account the audience you’re targeting, what services/products you need to push forward and what methods you want to use when it comes to showcasing them.

Also, you don’t have to box yourself in a hall alongside other competitors. You can always have a mobile booth design, which allows you and your team to move around and showcase your work to future customers anywhere. Design that is flexible and appealing to the eye always works as long as it offers innovation and has a personal connection with your brand.

The Use of Technology

Offer convenience to your clients and save paper. Now you can easily take down data from a tablet or a laptop at your convenience. It’s not hard to be creative when it comes to using technology to intrigue future customers. You can also make use of televisions and showcase videos of your work too.

Showcasing video content can strike up a conversation between you and a potential client. It will interest the customer immediately to know your story, especially if the video brings forward a positive message and uses the right kind of music. Focus on the integrity of your brand and remind yourself of the goals you want to achieve for the company.

Being one step ahead in trade show marketing is always beneficial for any company. Whether you want to make new connections or get the name of your brand out there, it’s vital to consider the above to keep things fresh for new and current customers. No matter where you are in the world, always dare to be different and be adaptable to new changes that come your way; for the benefit of the company and approach to trade show marketing.