Finally, Time Tested Solutions for a Successful Product Launch

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During one of our many events this year we were happy to attend one of our client’s product launch in Sydney. It was a successful event that gave potential customers a chance to see the client’s product at use. A great deal of information about the company and the new product was shared during the launch. Having a product launch at a trade show is probably one of the smartest marketing moves. Coming up with new products is quite easy for most, but getting potential customers to notice them requires you to introduce the products in a way that it proves that your products are indeed necessary and will fulfil a need. So how do you achieve this success?

One: Set your Goals

The main reason for a product launch is obviously to increase sales for your new product. You however need to decide how exactly you are going to do this. Before you book your exhibition stand decide the goal of your product launch. Do you want to increase media reach? Are you interested in product distribution? Do you simply want to increase consumer awareness? Or do you want to reach out to industry influencers? The advantage having a product launch at a trade show is that you will reach a wider array of audience in one event. You will have your customer, the industry influencers will be in attendance and so will the media, but remember you have to have a main goal for the event.

Product launch

Two: Pre-Show Planning

Before the event, list down all the tasks that need to be completed and most importantly finalize the product itself. Create all necessary marketing materials detailing the product launch. This will be key to generating publicity for the launch. Find out if the organisers of the trade show have any marketing materials such as a magazine or maybe lanyard advertising, and take advantage of this to announce your launch. Make sure you schedule your product launch as close to the beginning of the trade show as possible in order to gain more audience and publicity.

Three: Build an Exceptional Trade Show Stand

A successful product launch will require a fabulous custom exhibition stand that matches the sophistication of your brand. Get good exhibition stand designers, such as the Cre8 team, to design a professional stand for you. Your stand should be well designed to allow you to offer a hands-on demo of your product. Place your new product at the centre of your booth for a 360 degrees visibility.

product launch

Four: Give Your Audience a Reason to Attend Your Launch

Entice potential clients by providing giveaways and an event discount to consumers who buy the product at the event. During the event, encourage your trade show booth visitors to get physically involved with your product.

Five: Follow Up

Lastly a launch only is not a success, you have to follow up after the event. During the event provide customers with ways to get in touch with you in future such as signing up for your mailing list. After the product launch continue to promote your product through other marketing efforts such as social media, advertising etc.