How To Embrace The Holiday Spirit in Your Trade Show Stands

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With Christmas just around the corner, there’s nothing wrong with being festive when it comes to your trade show stands. Embracing the holiday spirit while also working on your trade show designs can bring out the best outcomes for your company. In the light of this season, sharing positive vibes and allowing the people you work with feel the joy of the season can help boost excitement and productivity levels too!

Simply showcasing compassion towards people of need or giving out thoughtful gifts can help you stand out from your competitors. Not only will it be refreshing to get into the spirit of Christmas, there are many perks attached to being festive with your trade show booth. Just check out all the ways you can impress your guests this time of year!

Start a fundraiser with a charity

If you haven’t started doing this, be proactive and start doing a callout for charities you’d like to support this year. Partnering up with a non-profit organisation displays your care for humanity, especially for those not living in the best circumstances. Before you start a partnership, be sure to do some research on the charity you’d like to support and what values they instill. When designing your trade show booth, include a donation point so that people are able to give what they can. Also, make your attendees aware about this by keeping them up to date on your company’s social media platforms.

Remain positive

When it comes to every business deal you’re trying to seal, it get’s difficult to keep our cool sometimes when we’re busy negotiating and meeting potential clients halfway. As frustrating as it may be working a couple of days before the Christmas break, try and remain positive when it comes to approaching any conversation you have with a customer. This way you’ll be able to channel through energy that is contagious and warm, encouraging an established repertoire in your new formed business relationships.

Encourage attendees to bring toys in exchange for promotional gifts

Giving back to those that need it the most is one of the best things you can do this Christmas. Considering how there are many people struggling this season (whether financially or physically), it’s easy to forget that there are kids that aren’t in the best circumstances either. Encourage attendees to bring in toys to donate and give them a promotional gift in return. Not only will this be a win-win situation but it’ll give your company a head start in making sure people remember your brand for the positive impact you made for other people.

Use Christmas decorations but don’t go overboard!

It won’t hurt to put some simple Christmas decorations within your booth but remember to keep things minimalistic. Putting some beautiful lights and using Christmas-themed decor can help customers feel relaxed when entering your booth. You can also play Christmas music and offer some snacks to anyone that checks out your stand. Showing customers that you’re hospitable will make them respect and engage with your brand even more!

Show them you have a green thumb

Are you passionate about sustainability? Do you like all-things eco-friendly? If you’ve said yes to both then you’re on the right track when it comes to showcasing your company’s green thumb. Knowing that you’ve made a difference for the environment can really help your brand become a first choice for customers. If you know that the company you’re working for is doing their bit in eliminating air pollution and forest destruction, talk about it to the customers that stop by. Learning this information can encourage them to trust and respect the brand you represent.

There’s no reason that things should slow down this time of year. If you want to take advantage of the festive season and participate at trade shows, give it your best shot. Not only will embracing the holiday spirit create fun for your customers and co-workers, you’ll feel happier knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.


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