The Do’s & Don’ts of Trade Show Attire

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When it comes to impressing the people you first meet, your appearance is going to be judged as soon as they start speaking to you. When you’re at different events such as exhibits, promotional events, etc, it’s important you wear clothing that helps enhance the image of your company. Looking professional will not only give you a boost of confidence, but it can help customers trust you more when it comes to making decisions about who to work with.

Though this may be common sense to most people when choosing professional outfits, there may be new people in the industry who have moved on from a different profession and had gotten used to wearing casual wear all the time. There are of course do’s and don’ts when it comes to trade show attire!

DO: Wear clothing representative of your industry

Depending on what kind of business you work for, it’s important to dress appropriately for the job. If you are attending a corporate event, it only makes sense to rock up in corporate attire. If your industry is known to be relaxed, wear clothes with a personable touch to it; adding your own flair will do wonders!

You represent your industry so be sure to take pride in your appearance and look clean and presentable on the big day. Your appearance can make or break how many people approach you, so wear clothes that make you look professional and confident.

DON’T: Overdress or underdress

Depending on the vibe of the trade show, it’s really up to you to work out on what you should wear. Though wearing a suit may be an easy option for some, dressing like this in a relaxed setting could make you seen as unapproachable to a customer. The last thing you want is to let others feel intimidated by the way you look.

Same thing happens if you’re underdressed for the job; people may think you aren’t serious and won’t approach you at all. Make sure you do your research first before attending an event and ask questions to people in your industry who have been before. It’s always worth asking around – don’t feel embarrassed if you need help!

DO: Consider wearing uniforms

Who says uniforms were only made for schools? Rocking out a uniform to a trade show could be what you need when it comes to standing out from your competitors. Not only is this a brilliant idea, but it will help customers easily identify you and your team. Having your distinct logo and an effective colour scheme can help visitors find you sooner, helping you and your team close a business deal effectively.

DON’T: Be afraid to smile

Even though smiling can take so much energy from us, it goes a long way when it comes to being approachable for a customer and representing the company you work for. People generally gravitate to bubbly and friendly people so it’s important to do your best and give it your 100% – even when it comes to smiling.

Most people underestimate its power, but it does wonders especially when it comes to the nature of trade shows. The way you present yourself is just as important as the creative flair that comes with your booth design. Be the person you want to meet!