Don’t Let a Business Trip Overwhelm You, Learn How to Cope

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You may find yourself traversing different countries or even continents during the course of your employment. You may be the guy in charge of company exhibition stands so you have to attend every trade show no matter where it is. Or you have to visit all your field officers distributed across the globe. No matter the reason for your business travel, you are bound to feel overwhelmed by all the travelling from time to time. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy your business trip more.

 • Travel as Light as Possible

The most boring part of a trip is always the packing. It is so annoying to decide what to take and what to leave behind especially if you are visiting a place for the first time. To make it easy for you to get around during your trip and to save you time going through check-in queues, a carry-on bag is the best option. It will make it so easy for you to move around while still looking professional.

Bonus Trick: To avoid forgetting important stuff such as toiletries and chargers keep them in your travel bag at all times.

• Be Mobile Ready

Being on the road and away from your office desk is no excuse for you not to continue with daily work. For peace of mind when moving around from place to place, ensure that you remain connected to your daily work materials. Ensure that you have synced your phone or tablet to your work email, calendars and contacts. This way you will be able to continue receiving emails and appointment updates even when you are away. Also ensure that you have access to the office phone via your mobile device. This way you can easily contact the office whenever need be.

Bonus Trick: Save your personal minutes by using a “softphone” app. With such an app you will be able to make and receive calls on your device, using your office number.

• Take Advantage of Business Perks

There are many perks available to business travellers, make maximum use of them. When you are making a flight booking, look out for airlines with business lounges that you can use for comfortable working space as you wait for your flight.

 • Don’t Let Jetlag Bog You Down

To ensure that you deal with jetlag effectively, ensure that you get enough sleep and eat well. Only sleep when it is dark and stay up when it is day light. This way your body will adjust to the new time zone much faster and it will be easy to relax. Eat less while travelling and instead eat when you get to your destination.

Bonus Trick: To avoid getting stiff and sore while travelling, carry a tennis ball and roll it under your feet and thighs.

• Don’t Forget Your Travel Documents

This should probably be the first tip, for ease of mind confirm that you have all the documents you need for your trip and keep them where they will be accessible when needed.

Bonus Trick: To avoid queueing for long, print your boarding passes before you leave for the trip and keep them next to your passport and ID so everything is easily accessible when you get to the airport.

So there you go, next time you hope on the plane or bus to meet your favourite exhibition stand designers make sure you’re well prepared for the trip so that you have a good time!