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Face to face interaction is still the best way to engage potential customers. There’s no better way to meet and showcase your product or service to potential customers than through display stands. Whether you have a tradeshow stand or you have a display at the mall, one thing is important; making people come to your stand. So how do you do this?

Creating Show Stopping Display Stands

The first thing that people see that gets them curious is your stand. People take about three seconds to decide whether to walk towards your stand or the next one. Your display has to be so good that they just can’t resist stopping by to find out what you have to offer. Unless you have excellent design skills you will have to employ the help of exhibition stand designers. Here are five things to consider when creating an exhibition stand.

1. Catch the Eye using Colour and Graphics

Vibrant colours will draw one’s attention from miles away. Get creative with colours. You may not necessarily have to stick with your brand colours if they are not catchy enough. Try and incorporate other colours that complement your brand colours and also attract customers from afar. Let your colours call out customers for you. Images are more attractive than text so use as little text as possible and concentrate more on images. Now here is where you have to think outside the box. Your graphics have to arouse curiosity. Don’t be normal, stand out. A good way to stand out is to use overhead signage. High designs can be seen from a further distance so take advantage of that. Also play around with lighting. Good lighting not only attracts the eye but also creates a sense of warmth making your stand look inviting.

2. Arouse all the Five Human Senses

People will be curious to stop at a stand that engages all their five senses. They want you to engage their sense of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. This is your chance to showcase your product. If possible you should have the real product at the display. Let people touch it and try it out in real time. Have some background music or play a video demo to keep them interested. Use a good scent to get them intrigued. Giving out free items, or holding a drawing is also another attractive way to give potential customers a reason to stop by your exhibition stand.

3. Throw the Tables to a Corner

Do not fill your stand with tables and chairs unless these are your products. Use your exhibition space to showcase your product and services. Tables and chairs cramp up your space and no one wants to fight over standing space just to see your minimal display, they will move over to the next stand. Let your stand be open and give room for attendees to move around your display. Another important thing to remember is to strategically place your logo on your stand and keep it at eye level in such a way that people just can’t miss it. Make your logo obviously visible.

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4. Make Technology your Friend

Technology is intriguing on its own. People are always amused by technology, take advantage of that. Find a creative way to show your website at the stand, play DVDs of how to use your product or service, and so on. Find new ways of using technology at your exhibition stand that will make people want to engage with you.

5. Your Staff is Your Brand Too

Lastly do not forget that your staff is part of your display stand as well. When designing your stand also think of how to make your staff at the stand attractive. Ensure that your staff represent your brand well. Let them stand out and easy to identify in case someone needs assistance. Creative uniforms are a good way to achieve this.

Custom exhibition stands are a fantastic way to introduce customers to your product or service. But if no one visits your stand, then it is all a waste of time. It totally makes financial sense to invest in an attractive stand that will get everyone stopping by.