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EEAA_2013 ConferenceWe here at Cre8 have been members of the EEAA for quite some time now, however this was the first year that we didn’t have an event that clashed with the EEAA annual conference giving us the opportunity to attend. The conference showcased their members venues and services and we heard from some key industry speakers, it was a day that showcased the Power of Exhibitions – and an increasingly stronger community of professionals and businesses that work in our sector.

One of the more interesting  topics discussed was ‘Do exhibitions lack sex appeal?’. Well this discussion sparked quite a conversation within the Cre8 office afterwards and after a long and lengthy discussion, the consensus by all was that exhibitions are no longer what they used to be. Exhibitions are now interactive experiences, an opportunity for customers and potential customers to see, touch and feel in an environment that excites, inspires and delivers. Some industries are still slow to progress to this way of thinking (whether it be for economic reasons or that they are still tied to older, more traditional marketing models) most now understand how to truly engage a customer through exhibitions. Gone are the days where you go to an exhibition, walk into a sea of blue and white, receive a promo bag, a marketing pamphlet and a lolly and be on your way. We know first-hand how our clients think and we are really proud to say that the vast majority are striving for more clever and creative ways to showcase their businesses services, products and people.

At Cre8, we are constantly being challenged to think of smarter ways to design layouts that stand out from the crowd and that is because our clients expect us to. We enjoy the opportunity to think up innovative custom built stand designs at exhibitions that entice people to our clients 3-dimensional brand environments, with the end goal to increase sales and profitability for our client so that they receive a return on their marketing investment. After all, it is a large investment regardless of the size of the organisation and at Cre8 we think it’s really important that we don’t lose sight of our clients objectives, which ultimately are the same, to maximise their return on investment, whether it be financial or too raise their profile. So it’s up to our industry to make sure that exhibitions don’t lose their sex appeal, we need to be working together as an industry to constantly be improving our exhibition experiences for exhibitors and attendees so that the exhibitors participation in an event will always be a justifiable element of their overall marketing budget.


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