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Photos are a viable tool to use when it comes to trade shows. Because they capture everything, they reveal more about your brand identity and vision to future customers and industry professionals. Photos are the norm these days. Look at Instagram and Facebook for instance; in the digital age, we are able to share moments with the people we care about.

Whether it’s something to do with weddings, a newborn baby in the family, engagement parties and graduation ceremonies, photos relive those moments we care about with the people that matter to us. So taking photos at trade shows have a similar effect. It is possible to take empowering photos, bringing a positive impact for future clients. We must remember to not always aim to take photos with a promotional perspective. Capturing emotion and detail of something happening is always a good start when taking photos at trade shows.

Capture Images With Feeling

Without images that create a meaningful effect for people, most will scroll past them on Twitter or Instagram. Many of us are so fixated with capturing images that entail an event that most of us forget how these should be taken. It’s time to remove any “traditional” photos and start capturing ones with feeling.

Whether it means capturing a moment where one of your team members shakes a client’s hand, candid photos while you host a product demo or your staff having fun at the booth, focusing on these moments and showcasing them in a slideshow will effectively boost customer morale and your brand identity.

Build Relationships With Your Followers On Social Media

One of the most integral social media platforms that our company uses is Instagram. Over the last eight months, we have boosted our numbers from seven-hundred followers to over a thousand. It’s incredible how much we have changed when it comes to using an effective content strategy. We strive to write effective captions that asks questions to our followers. From here, we’ve managed to increase engagement with our content.

The main take-home message from this is if you can’t build meaningful relationships with your followers on social media, it becomes difficult to grow your online platform. Having quality photos that bring an authentic side to your company will boost your following presence and will help with customer retention too!

Know How To Share Your Photos

Most companies share their photography on their social media platforms but there are so many more places you can post them. Here are some tips below to help you effectively share your content:

  • Slideshow in your booth: In your upcoming trade show, have a photo slideshow showcasing the quality moments of your company. This will be a great bonus for people passing by or if you want people to get to know your company on a personal level.
  • Blog about it: Recently attended an event? Blog about it and share the photos you managed to take too! Having written content and photos go hand-in-hand!
  • Company Website: If you have a news section in your company website, showcase your photos to recap a particular event you and your team went to! Though social media is a general go-to when it comes to sharing photos, content becomes old quickly. On your website, you can easily archive your photos for future networking opportunities.
  • Send out a newsletter: Email is everything and with applications like MailChimp, you can easily share your photos to your subscribers!
  • In a press release: When writing a press release of a product launch, using empowering photos can add vitality to it. Your distribution matters in this case so adding quality visuals really enhances your chances of leads.
  • Follow-up with future customers: Showcasing your photos to future customers can add a human touch to your emails. Follow-ups are essential after any trade show event so be sure to touch base with a future client within 48-hours if you can.

Photos are everything, so when you’re behind the camera, strive to capture meaningful moments. Having a human approach matters in this day and age. Authenticity creatives positive relationships with others. So have that cheesy team photo if you have to, you never know where it will lead you!



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