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We understand that thinking outside the box can be difficult. Especially when in exhibitions we literally have a boxed space to work with. But at cre8 no challenge is too small or big enough!

So what do you do when you have a 6 x 6 space and you want to stand out from the rest, you get cre8ive! Let’s bring the space to life focusing on your brand, your image and your audience. The floor becomes a blank canvas, and don’t worry we’ll do all the heavy thinking for you! From grassed floors to glass walls to giant spheres and grand structures, we have exactly what you need to propel your business sky high and expose the very best of your brand name for the rest to marvel at.

When you have your exhibition displays at the next trade and consumer event, ask yourself, do I want to just have another stagnant stand amongst the sea of other stands? Have you thought about rigging? No, not just another sign hanging above your stand but more of a statement of your brand’s personality! We can help with that. What about your flooring, another thing for people to walk on, sure we have the standard white, but what about something that becomes part of your brand, giving direction and movement to reflect your name. Regular artwork and signage scattered throughout your stand is given life and vibrancy that adds to that wow factor. Even lighting and audio visual aren’t just props to us but can be used to enhance your space even further! And let’s not get started on the endless possibilities we have with food, beverage, promotions and entertainment!

Take a look at the diagram for a few things to think about in brief!

We don’t just see a marked floor space, we see opportunity. Box? What Box?