Are You Integrating Virtual Reality Into Your Tradeshow?

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Once upon a time, virtual reality and tradeshows were on two different sides of the scale, but now, they are two partners in crime. The utilization of technology in tradeshows has become more frequent, and companies are pushing their own boundaries in order to impress visitors of the next show with ground-breaking booths whose looks will blow your mind. Event leaders and designers have embraced virtual reality, and if you’re still an owner of the boring old stand with an even more boring backdrop, it’s about time you jump on board.


Why Cardboard Stands Are Outdated

When we contrast tradeshows now and how they you used to look like before, we can see a completely different image. So many things have changed, for the better.

Cardboard stands with simple pamphlets and yawning staff are the days of the past.

Expos all around the world have taken a completely new dimension by wanting to provide their visitors the experience of a lifetime, while at the same time letting them interact and connect with their brand, giving them all the information they need. And then some more.

This interaction has surpassed simple hand shaking and finger pointing to your stand.

The creative and exciting world of tradeshows has been inhabited by technology, augmented reality that brings you the kind of quick and personal engagement that you need. Because everything moves at a fast pace, visitors are looking to see and experience as much as they can.

Put yourself in their place. It’s a huge event, and there are so many brands to go through. Do you have the time to sit down and read a booklet, or would you rather watch an exciting presentation on a huge screen and get involved unlike ever before?


Innovation through Virtual Reality

With the development of technology and it’s implementation in shows and stand designs, you get to provide engaging experience in exciting new ways, that spark visitor’s interests and push them to make decisions and embrace your brand. Virtual reality is actually the link that connects buyers with the buying process, and a link that has been missing for a long time, and this is how:

  • Innovation includes computers, big screens and monitors displaying powerful and eye-catching messages that work like hypnosis on visitors. You don’t have to chase your visitors around anymore, they will automatically come to you if you display powerful visuals that get their attention.
  • Visitors get the chance to get previews and behind the scenes on IPads and other devices, which make their interaction with the brand effective, but still with that personal touch, because you’re providing them content which they otherwise couldn’t see for themselves. This lets them really get to know a product and the company behind it, and pushes them to make the decision right then and there. This kind of technology gives them insight, the kind that they don’t get ordinarily standing in an aisle at the shop, or passing by your store.
  • How about interactive screens? Visitors find these screens a true blast, and there’s always a group of people gathered around these.
  • 3D previews of services and products are becoming more frequent, because visitors are all for personal engagement with the object of their interest. It’s an awesome way to get them to show interest in your company, by at first just luring them with amazing technology that might catch their attention.
  • Adding to the display quality is digital signage, partnered up with amazing lighting techniques, that bring you into a completely other dimension. Everywhere visitors turn, they get pointers and signs that lure them to a specific booth.
  • How about new marketing tactics such as proximity marketing? Imagine someone walking by your booth, when they get a message to drop by because you’re offering them a special deal, or an experience of a lifetime? No, you don’t have to use your own phone. There are services that make this possible for you.


Pros for the Event Pros

So what are the pros of having a high-tech booth or a stand?

  • You’re not only engaging with potential customers on the spot, but you’re also given a chance to engage and interest them pre and after the show. Back in the day, this was extremely difficult, but with the rise of exciting technology as well as social media, you’re able to interact with people and get them to stick with you.
  • It’s cost-effective, believe it or not. By providing your potential customers with the experience of their lifetime, not just in terms of innovative technology, but in real, valuable customer service, you’re actually securing your sales.
  • You’re engaging visitors in a completely new way that is more efficient and compelling. From bringing to life the creative process to introducing the product or services through a medium that offers them the chance to experience, see and touch.


The exhibition and tradeshow industry definitely offers you the opportunity to get creative. It’s a dimension where brands and companies get to unleash their creativity and wildest requests, and exhibition and tradeshow booth manufacturers get to bring their dreams to life. As technology continues to progress, we wonder what the tradeshows of the future are going to look like?



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