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As event professionals, we like to go in and have confidence in the work we do for ourselves and for our clients. We are perfectionists in nature and want to showcase the best of our abilities whenever it comes to the next tradeshow or meeting with a new client. Being organised and meticulous just comes with the job but because life has other plans, there will be room for mistakes, even if we have years of experience in the events industry. How can we better ourselves for our ever-growing industry? In what ways can we avoid these common mistakes?

Tip 1: Avoid being invisible and stand in the spotlight

When you’re working at your booth, hiding away from future clients is not a good look. What you should be doing is making the most of your time, showing why your brand is brilliant and the numerous benefits people can gain trusting your company. Believe it or not, some people have made the mistake of being invisible when it comes to trade shows. Although we have our moments where we do begin to wonder if our efforts are worth it, it always helps to reach out to people and make our company more known. Word-by-mouth goes a long way and being within reach of people can open plenty of opportunities for growth in the company.

Tip 2: Choose your location wisely

Placing your booth strategically always helps when it comes to getting more leads. It can also start a conversation with some potential huge clients to help build your company into a well-trusted brand. Whether you’re next to a bar or another booth doing stellar giveaways, it’s important to also make sure your trade display stand looks appealing to your target audience. Either way, people will come to you if you’ve hit a sweet spot in terms of location.

Tip 3: Social media is important

We love using Instagram and Facebook when promoting the work we’ve done for our clients so it’s really important that your company has something future clients can check up on when they go online. In today’s day and age, it’s almost essential to have a digital pulse when it comes to marketing content and you’ll impress clients even more if you’re able to show a portfolio of your work. They can also be a new connection on LinkedIn and will possibly open another door of opportunity for you. Social media is what we need to beef our company name, plus it’s super easy to use seeing as most social media sites have apps we can access on our smartphones.

Tip 4: Have your company website be mobile-friendly

One of the worst things is trying to load a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, so having your company website load easily on a handheld device helps in the long run. Although having your website look eye-catching gives you a leg-up in the events industry, you’ll hurt your chances of getting more leads when it takes 5 mins to load as opposed to ten seconds. Make sure before you add your company website to your business card, it loads easily on your own mobile.

Tip 5: Avoid paying full-price when it comes to registration

If you want to save, get in early and pay those discounted early-bird rates when it comes to registering your event. It’s been said that 65% of event marketers believe that if you pay early, you will get value for money when it comes to running your next trade show. Even then, you can use the money you’ve saved on other things too!

Tip 6: Send the right staff to represent your company

Sales and talking to different people is an introvert’s nightmare so it’s really important that the staff you choose to represent the company are bubbly, bright and ready to speak to the next client your company is going to work with. Of course, your company may be filled with dedicated staff who do brilliant in their roles (introverts included) but it’s important to have staff that are go-getters and have the same passion and drive in watching your company grow. The people you send to trade shows need to be approachable, sales-driven and not afraid to talk to various amounts of people with different personalities.

Tip 7: Don’t forget to follow-through!

There’s no use giving out your business cards like candy if you aren’t following through with future clients. Show them your interest and enthusiasm to why they should trust you in the first place, and even if they politely reject your offer, always be resilient and optimistic about the next opportunity. Events is an industry where you’re required to build relationships with other people. Sure, rejection can suck but even then, you’ll stand out from the rest if you follow-through and start a conversation with people you’d like to work with later on. Be resilient and never let negativity get in the way!

Overall, planning ahead is a must when it comes to events but be prepared to make mistakes and be open to learning from them. There’s no point dwelling on the what ifs so it’s important to always move forward and remain positive throughout your journey as a professional. Stay motivated and always appreciate the little things that make being in events worthwhile!


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