6 ways to boost creativity as an event designer

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There’s not enough time during the day. How we use our hours and minutes is crucial to the next project we’re about to work on. The long hours in events can take its toll, and sometimes we lose ourselves and end up getting burnt out. So how can we truly nurture our creativity as event designers? How can we feel energised and motivated for the next project?

Even though we’re nearing towards the end of the year, we shouldn’t be making excuses. Because in reality, there is still time to make changes to improve our professional lives. Making an impact is what we strive for. Keeping inspired helps us come up with the best, innovative ideas. Creativity is the building block to everything we’ve worked towards.

We’ve come up with six awesome ways to boost your creativity as an event designer; to channel that ‘go-getter’ attitude to our professional and personal lives.

1. Skip the snooze button – wake up earlier

Did you know that waking up early can boost your productivity levels by ten-fold? Get the most out of your day by waking up a few hours (or an hour!) earlier than normal time. Using those hours at your disposal can be a time where you can self-reflect on your journal, writing down thoughts and making sense of your ideas. You can also relax and meditate to keep yourself level-headed throughout the day, or even sneak in a cheeky workout before you attend a meeting with a client. There are so many activities you can start your day with and whatever you work on, it’ll make you happier and much more productive!

2. Recharge and go have some free time

As much as we all love work, having some down time can help us nurture our creativity. Working to the point where we become overtired and stressed isn’t ideal and there’s only so much our mental and physical health can handle. It’s important to set yourself some time where you can recharge and do something for ourselves. Whether it’s going for a hike, catching up with your close friends or even seeing a musical that’s been the talk of the town, it’s imperative for you to do something that is non-work related. Like our smartphones, we also need a recharge to help us work even harder for the things we want.

3. Have a consistent morning routine that works for you

Knowing what to do every morning creates a ‘free space’ in your mind where you can cultivate and brainstorm the next project you’ve been working on. Having a consistency in schedule can help you designate time when it comes to projects you’ve been cooking up, keeping you creatively energised. Plus, having a morning routine can also allow you to be ready for the day and its challenges. You will also feel like you have more control on what happens during the mornings, enabling you to feel less stressed and much more focused.

4. Stuck in a rut? Take a walk!

When you’re staring at a blank document on your computer screen, you’ll feel terrible and useless. Being in a creative rut is the worst. So what is truly the best solution when you find yourself lost for ideas? Take a walk! Research has shown that people who walk are a lot healthier and it also keeps your creative juices flowing. Doing anything to keep your body moving keeps your brain active and it’ll also make you more alert.

You don’t have to walk 10km just to get out of a creative rut; you can go around the block just to get some fresh air or even walk around within the office. You can even hold a meeting with your colleagues while walking as well! Meetings while sitting down is old news.

5. Be flexible and open to new ideas

As tempting as it is to trust our own bold and innovative ideas, the ideas of our colleagues can be just as efficient too. You don’t have to work off their ideas completely but it will also give you the opportunity to think of them as rough drafts; ideas in the making. Holding discussions with your colleagues can give you time to brainstorm and work together by coming up with something amazing. It’ll also keep things fresh and can even boost employee morale – keeping your colleagues feeling more involved and encouraging a ‘team spirit’ at the office. Who knows what kick-ass ideas your team can come up with?

6. Keep yourself challenged by getting away from your comfort zone

Being too comfortable can get in the way of creative thinking. It’s important that as event designers, we avoid getting too caught up with the mundane office tasks we handle on a daily basis and approach things differently from time to time. Instead of writing your ideas on your computer, grab yourself a mini-whiteboard and write your ideas on that, reply emails with a different introduction to how you would normally do it, have a team-building exercise that will put you and your colleagues out of their comfort zones (instead of laser tag or bowling, solve clues and mysteries in an escape room). Doing challenging things motivates you to pick up new skills while also learning how to approach things a little more differently. Having variety throughout your day keeps things exciting and fresh.
At the end of the day, there are no concrete rules to be innovative and creative as an event professional. There are so many ways to nurture your creativity but we must also remember not to be bound to work all the time. Take a break when necessary and value the ideas of other people. Now let’s get cre8-tive!


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