5 Ways To Transform Trade Show Interactions Into On-Site Sales

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When you’re attending a trade show event or a business opportunity on behalf of the company you represent, it’s important to prove your worth when it comes to making the most of the opportunities presented to you first-hand. It’s not so much about making the most sales on-site, it’s the fact that you have to implement effective strategies to make them in the first place. Being professional, respectable and approachable are vital qualities to have when it comes to customer interactions at trade shows and providing high-quality content as well as service can give you that extra step forward from your competitors. So what tactics should you use to drive on-site sales when it comes to trade shows? How do you stand out from the people you’re competing with?

Reserve a room at the trade show event

With the busy environment a trade show creates, reserving a room to close deals would be one of the most effective strategies to use when it comes to creating and building relationships with future clients. Trade shows are difficult to manage especially if there are so many people walking in and out of your booth so finding proper one-on-one time with a client can be difficult. Within your booth precinct, reserving a room can benefit you and the company you represent. It gives you a chance to openly answer any pressing questions from people while also successfully providing exceptional customer service. Not only will this enhance the image of your company but it will highlight the flexible and humanised approach you have when it comes to making sales.

Encourage customers to get involved straight away

How you market your company at a trade show event is crucial. While there are so many people stopping by in your booth, it’s imperative to get people to do something related to what you’re promoting. Whether it’s a brand or product you’re trying to sell, encourage people to sign up for a free trial or to visit your website to see what sort of work you’re involved in. This strategy not only encourages customers to explore your company but it persuades them to make a decision and to stay informed. It opens up opportunities for them to consider working with you in the near future.

Do your research and identify your competitors

Ever struggled with customers not sticking around long enough in your booth? Chances are, you aren’t interesting enough for them to stay! Do your research and see what your competitors are up to when it comes to marketing themselves. For example, if you know that one of your competitors are on LinkedIn or EventBrite, see what they do to increase customer retention. Put creativity to great use and present content in an interesting way. Learn from your competition and see if you can come up with effective marketing strategies. It also helps to understand your target audience and what type of content engages them.

What you do in your 30-second pitch matters

30 seconds is a short amount of time so it’s important that your pitch makes future clients excited about your company or item you’re trying to sell. This is why it’s essential that you refine your 30-second pitch before the trade show event begins so you’re prepared and ready to deliver quality detail about your brand or service. Avoid waffling and be concise as possible. Being sharp, sophisticated and knowledgeable can make all the difference in your pitch.

Network with other people before, during and after the trade show

In your upcoming trade show event, make people aware that you will be present and promote your company from the get-go. Be active on your social media pages and create unique event pages that will encourage customers to attend your booth. Networking is essential when it comes to trade shows because it not only showcases your ability to build meaningful relationships but it helps you grow confidence in what you do.

Being a people person helps customers feel more at ease if you have a flexible attitude when it comes to potential leads. Never pressure anyone in making a sale with you if you know they’re not 100% sure. Give them time during the trade show and do some follow-ups after the event. Always be open to communicate the needs and wants of your potential clients as this will help open up more exciting opportunities in the near future.

No matter what tactic you use, always strive to be the best events professional at trade shows. It’s not easy to maintain a cool head if you’re dealing with many people of different personalities but being personable in your customer service can really help potential clients see you’re worth working with. Charm people with your confidence, empower those with your knowledge and never let a challenge slip away if you know a big opportunity is around the corner.


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