5 Common Mistakes Trade Show Professionals Make & How To Avoid Them

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Trade shows are valuable when it comes to marketing for manufacturers and distributors alike. Because of their ability to offer unique experiences for customers, a lot of time, care and creativity is invested by companies big and small. Like with any industry, there are some common mistakes trade show professionals make on a daily basis. It’s important to consider every action you make when it comes to trade show day – before and after it happens. We give you five common mistakes trade show professionals make and effective tips to help avoid them.  

Going Overboard With Technology

You don’t need to go crazy when it comes to technology. Yes, it’s important to keep up with trends but it also pays to keep things simple. It can be overwhelming to have both a TV screen and VR experience for customers. It can also be an impractical use of space, especially if your booth doesn’t offer it. Don’t waste your money on these stylish advancements and consider a purchase only if you’re planning on using it more than once.  

Not Having A Clear Goal In Mind For Trade Show Booth Design 

Not having a design in mind or knowing what graphics to use is time-consuming for you and your exhibit team. It’s essential to have a clear goal in mind because it saves you from going back and forth when it comes to the design process. Your creative input is just as important so being clear in the brief can create a harmonious relationship between you and the designers. Not only that, it allows you to provide clearer feedback and saves a tonne of redesigning too. 

Underestimating the Importance of Pre-Show Marketing 

If you love being organised and preparing ahead, it’s time to take advantage of pre-show marketing. You’d be surprised by how many exhibitors tend to underestimate the power of scheduling meetings ahead of trade show day or sending out a call-to-action for new and current clients. Showing presence offline and online is important for your company’s image. It also builds anticipation, especially if you notify attendees you’ll be at a particular show. Time is money so learn how to effectively use it when it comes to pre-show marketing. 

 Not Using Social Media 

It’s uncommon for companies to not have an online profile, so if you’re on Instagram or Facebook, make sure you use it to continue the conversation with your future customers. Simply posting a photo on Instagram and using relevant hashtags can boost your company’s presence on the social media platform. It will allow you to connect with influencers and engage with your audience on another level.  

You can create an impact on social media with powerful copy and stunning images. Exhibitors may be running around all day and forget to post on social media, but just remember that taking seconds out of your day to post quality content can lead to endless opportunities.  

Forgetting to Calculate Shipping, Drayage and Labour Costs  

Everything adds up so it’s no wonder exhibitors find it stressful to make ends meet when it comes to trade show day. Because of the costs associated with shipping, drayage and labour, many forget about these logistics and become surprised when they have to spend more than they should be.  

Before you counter in how much you’re willing to spend on design and size, factor in these costs and see if it’s within budget. It’s worth reviewing your expenses to avoid spending large amounts of money that could be used elsewhere.  

Mistakes happen because that’s what makes us human, right? There’s no shame in that at all, but if you find that you’re making them way too often, learn to avoid them in your next trade show day. Even if it takes a while for you to see major progress, you’re still on the right track if you have the determination to improve on your skills each day!


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