4 Tips on How to Create a High-Impact Tradeshow Booth

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Is your tradeshow booth the star of the show? Are people stopping in awe and gazing at the marvellous design you’ve come up with? Is the crowd flocking to your booth and not your neighbour’s booth? If not, then you must be missing something. But what?

Think about it, exhibitions and tradeshows offer you an amazing opportunity to transition from the usual two-dimensional methods of visualization into three-dimensional visual presentation that can have a high impact on your potential customers. People get the chance to engage their senses, touch, and taste, hear and see things that they can’t see through their computer or mobile screens. If you’re not aware of this, your booth is probably not all that it should be.

So, if you’re in a dilemma and aren’t really sure how to make an impact, stay tuned to see a step-by-step guide to creating a knockout booth.

 1. Type of Booth

You’ve probably been asked this question a million times, but what’s your type?

Yet we’re not talking about a potential mate, but the right booth for your company. The tradeshow world is indeed a superficial one, where if you don’t have the most attractive booth, you’re most likely to fall down on the list of must-see booths of clients. That’s why you need to think carefully about what you want your booth to look like.

Usually, there are four types of booths:

  • Row booth
  • Corner booth
  • End booth
  • Island booth

The factors that you need to take into consideration are the type of space you’re located in and the access to the aisle. The most attractive booth that Is qualitatively superior to others are the ones that are located at the end of the row and are surrounded by three aisles, as well as the amazing island booths that are surrounded by four aisles and are accessible to visitors from all sides. These are, as you might guess, less budget savvy, but provide a great potential, as they are really the start of the show.

So, where do you stand with your booth?

 2. Booth Appearance

The appearance of a booth is actually quite a marketing challenge, since it’s supposed to entail your brand’s ideas, story and make a huge impact on the visitors. Not to mention, it’s got to be prettier than your neighbour booth. Luckily, there are design principles that you can follow in order to create a custom stand design or upgrade an existing booth to be the most popular booth of the show.

  • Open booths can be seen from afar, as there is nothing to obstruct the view. It’s very inviting due to its open nature and transparency.
  • Partially open booths usually include external screens that prevent visitors from seeing the booth right away. This adds the element of mystery to your booth. This can be a great tactic, if you’re pulling on the visitor’s curiosity card.
  • Closed booths have external screens that can contain windows and invites visitors to come in, in order to see your entire booth and talk to the staff. This is really land of mystery, which is great for certain visitors, but can be deterring for most visitors. I mean, what does your booth have to hide?

Now, if you really want to show a welcoming vibe without the unnecessary mystery open booths are the best way to go.


 3. Planning the Booth

This just might be the most important part of your strategy. Planning is crucial in order to get things done on time and on budget. Your ideas, creativity, and dreams should all be a part of planning and bringing a booth to life. Combine this with marketing and budget, and you have several aspects to think about. Scared of planning yet? Don’t worry, we’ve summed the process up in two most important questions you need to ask yourself?

Are you on a tight budget?

Consider buying, renting or leasing a booth. Knowing you have these options, you’ll find the most cost-effective solution for your company.

Are you planning in advance?

Planning, organizing, and assembling the booth is quite a long process. It can take up to 9 months, so don’t waste time. From registering with the organiser of the show, to briefing with your exhibition stand company and gathering all the necessary materials and resources, it’s a very long, complex process that demands time. Use this time to get your creative juices flowing. The more time you have, the better your booth will be.

 4. Booth Area Versatility

If you thought a booth is just a pretty area for networking and demonstrating your services and products, you were wrong. Different booths or areas of the same have different purposes, and designers should consider this. The more areas you have, the more versatility you provide your potential customers, and this is a great advantage. The average tradeshow visitor sticks around for approximately 11.8 minutes at a single booth, so it’s best to use this time wisely, by giving your visitor a unique and interactive experience. Usually, there are four areas with different functions that make this experience a more captivating one:

  • Area of orientation

Your eye-catching products and company logo should be located right here, in order to navigate visitors towards your booth.

  • Area of demonstration

This is where the first interaction between visitors and staff happens, and it’s actually a great opportunity to present the benefits of your products and give them all the necessary information.

  • Area of consultation

This is a quiet area, that’s far away from the tradeshow crowd, and is perfect for isolated talks and consultations with your curious visitor.

  • Area of logistics

This area is optional, since it has no impact on visitors, and is actually the space where you can keep your materials, it can be a small office, kitchen or a resting space.


Now that you know the four basics of creating an amazing, jaw-dropping tradeshow booth design, you can take a deep breathe of relief. By implementing these tactics and advice, you’re guaranteed an attractive, budget-savvy, recognizable booth that’s going to give you desired results.

Have any questions for us? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! We love to help our visitors.


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