The 2017 Trade Show Resolutions You Should Be Making

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With only a couple of weeks into the new year, there’s many of us wanting to aim high when it comes to setting specific goals for 2017. The excitement and anticipation of what the overall year will bring will not only keep us motivated for our upcoming projects, but it’s also a time to reflect on the things we’ve done in the past and make change happen. With some New Year’s Resolutions to keep in mind for 2017, it will not only shape way for some positive outcomes but it will prepare you for the challenges ahead. So what New Year’s Resolutions should you and your team set for the year?

Get your social media game on!

With Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram available in the palm of our hands, we shouldn’t be afraid to be well-connected when it comes to shaping the way we want our target audiences to perceive our brand. Social media and our online communities are important influencers when it comes to driving our website traffic and leads to professional opportunities. Being active on social media and choosing the right platforms can boost networking opportunities, providing good business for your company. Also, you can mix it up a bit and post some videos online so that people can actively see your work and gain a better perspective on your passion.

Make evaluations on your exhibiting schedule

It’s that time of year where you should take an overview of your upcoming exhibiting schedule. Are there enough trade shows planned in the next few months? Do you have some business trips you need to undertake? These are some questions you need to ask yourselves when it comes to your work schedule. It’s also worthwhile looking back on previous experiences you’ve had last year and see if it’s worth revisiting opportunities you may have stumbled upon.


Train your staff better 

Catch up with your team and allow them to discuss any developmental goals they would like to undertake professionally. Maybe they want to gain new skills or dive into new challenges. Training our staff to be the best versions of themselves at work will not only increase work productivity but it will allow your team to be cohesive, honest and authentic about their role even more. Fuel their passion by trusting them to take on a few more responsibilities without wearing them down.


Upgrade your booth and provide free Wi-Fi/phone charging system

Want to stand out from your competition? Provide free Wi-Fi and/or a phone charging system within your booth. With customers constantly stopping by and taking perfect photos for their Instagram feed, it’s worth noting how popular you’ll be once you start providing free Internet for those active on social media at trade shows. You’ll also be helping out media creatives evaluating the day (PRs and journalists to be specific) who require phones to be fully charged especially when they have to jot down important information and contacts for the day.

Take your time with your designs 

In our deadline-driven mindset, we sometimes forget the effort it takes to create the perfect design for our booth. As time constraints do exist, we understand that sometimes taking time with our designs can make us feel anxious and stressed. Do your best to complete designs you’re absolutely proud of and spend as much time as you need until you’re happy with the finalised project. You’ll feel a lot better knowing you made room to design something that excites your heart and soul!

2017 will be gone before you know it so be sure to kick-ass and make your company proud. Opportunities are rare but always remain open when you feel it’s necessary. How you flourish this year depends on what you’re willing to put in so don’t hold back on the idea of something unless you take the risk and try it!


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